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Wednesday 8th November 2006

SciFi Changes Doctor Who Time Again, Effective Immediately!
(posted 8th Nov 2006, 10:53pm - TWIDW post #0451)
SciFi's weekly immediate final schedule change to SciFi Friday goes
7PM Eastern - Heroes
8PM Eastern - Doctor Who
9PM Eastern - Battlestar Galactica
10PM Eastern - Stargate SG-1 repeats (replaces Doctor Who repeat)
11PM Eastern - Battlestar Galactica repeat
12AM Eastern - Doctor Who repeat (replaces Stargate SG-1 repeats)
First episode affected - The Idiot's Lantern, airing November 10.
Also note - the November 22nd marathon of Doctor Who Series 1
episodes has been replaced by a marathon of The X-Files.
Stay tuned next week as SciFi will almost certainly find a reason to
change the schedule again.
No, this is not the update I was planning to send out. That update
will be out soon.
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