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Tuesday 12th September 2006

BBC America Gets Doctor Who Repeats Nov 21 10PM Eastern!
(posted 12th Sep 2006, 12:23pm - TWIDW post #0432)
Surprise, US viewers - BBC America repeats the Christopher Eccleston episodes Tuesdays at 10PM Eastern starting November 21.

BBC America ran a trailer for Doctor Who during the closing credits of The Avengers and Life On Mars (early airings) on September 11, running the trailer as a full screen commercial during the repeat of Life On Mars.

It's a slightly edited and sped up version of the BBC One trailer from March 2005 (Christopher Eccleston - Do You Want To Come With Me?/fireball).

Shows on BBC America that air at 10PM Eastern (7PM Pacific) repeat later in the night - typically at 2AM Eastern (11PM Pacific).

It is interesting that BBC America plans to air Series One as a prime time show at the same time that SciFi will be premiering Series Two.

There is no information on the BBC America website at this time.
Benjamin Elliott