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Thursday 12th January 2006

Update: Doctor Who In Spain Starting 19 January
(posted 12th Jan 2006, 12:03pm - TWIDW post #0373)
Spanish Satellite TV viewers on the Digital Plus platform will get Doctor Who on channel 27 "People + Arts" starting Thursday 19 January. 1 new episode per week - each episode airs 7 times within a 48 hour period. Times are listed below. Spain is on Central European Time (CET, or GMT +1).

Audio is listed as original, though it also claims to have versions Español and Inglés, which would indicate multiple audio options (or at least subtitle options).

Episode 1 (Rose)
Thursday 19 January - 10:30PM & 2:30AM CET
Friday 20 January - 6:30AM & 3PM CET
Saturday 21 January - 6AM, 2PM, & 9:30PM CET

Episode 2 (The End Of The World)
Thursday 26 January - 10:30PM & 2:30AM CET
Friday 27 January - 6:30AM & 3PM CET
Saturday 28 January - 6AM, 2PM, & 9:30PM CET

The story description for both episodes appears to be the one for The Unquiet Dead (episode 3).

Thanks to Outpost Gallifrey for the first alert on this broadcast. I expect we will see an increasing number of these small broadcasters picking up the show in various languages in the next few months without any fanfare from BBC Worldwide. If you notice that the show is airing (or preparing to air) on a broadcaster not noted in This Week In Doctor Who, it may have escaped attention. Please pass it on so the info can get out to potential viewers ASAP.

Congratulations to Spain!
Benjamin Elliott - This Week In Doctor Who