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Thursday 7th October 2004

TWIDW Alert: "Doctor Who Confidential" on BBC3 Weekly After New Episodes
(posted 7th Oct 2004, 4:57pm - TWIDW post #0253)
Exciting news from the industry trade magazine Broadcast today. Thanks to the Outpost Gallifrey forum members for spotting it

Right after each Doctor Who episode premieres on BBC One, BBC Three will run a companion series called "Doctor Who Confidential". Produced by Gillane Seabourne, co-produced by Julie Gardner and main series writer Russell T. Davies, the series will have behind the scenes footage, interviews with cast members, and "archives of previous Time Lords". Each episode will have a theme. The 13 episodes of 30 minutes each are being aimed at the general public, not just Doctor Who fans.

BBC Three is a digital channel available in the UK on Freeview, any Sky Digital package, and digital cable. At least some viewers in Ireland should also be able to get the channel.
Since the most recent This Week In Doctor Who went out yesterday, hints have been coming out about coming additional sales of the new series.
Outpost Gallifrey has a report from TFI Buyers' Briefing (information service for TV executives) claiming that a US sale is being finalized. No network is named, though it is expected the US buyer of Doctor Who would be a cable/satellite chanel. They also report further confirmation that the CBC has bought the Canadian Doctor Who rights.
On the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club forum , Brad Phipps reported the following: "Speaking with one of the channel managers here at Sky the topic of Doctor Who was mentioned and my reply was the decision could be made at a meeting that takes place sometime in the next three weeks (I was having two conversations at once, so I didn't hear the exact date)."
Brad also noted that UKTV in New Zealand was not interested in acquiring the old series at this time, though that could be reconsidered when the new series happens.
With the Mipcom trade convention occuring in Frnace this week, many international broadcasters should now be aware of the new Doctor Who series. As of this writing, I have not found any reports of Doctor Who being specifically purchased at Mipcom.
Benjamin F. Elliott