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Sunday 2nd December 2001

FYI: The @home situation - the first piece of good news for @home customers
(posted 2nd Dec 2001, 5:48pm - TWIDW post #0057)
Just had a little chat with a Comcast service technician who was visiting subscribers in the neighborhood.

First - bad news. Talks are failing. excite@home will definitely go under, in a matter of hours to days, and Comcast at least has no new service in place.

Second - the good news. If this technician is telling the truth, excite@home only has the legal right to shut down the E-MAIL ADDRESSES. They do not have the right to shut down the internet service, at least for Comcast, because the cable company is providing the modem and the link to the net.

*If this is true*, all @home subscribers will still have full access to the internet. We just lose all our @home e-mail addresses. So, if you have a backup e-mail address - like my hotmail account - you can direct people to send their e-mail to it.

As regards the This Week In Doctor Who column, I can continue to publish it uninterrupted under these circumstances, with just a little inconvenience. So the column should continue with no problems.

I hope.

Just hope the technician has the right information.
Benjamin F. Elliott
12:48PM Sunday, December 2nd