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Friday 26th October 2001

Philadelphia Alert! WYBE Schedule Change 10/27/01!!
(posted 26th Oct 2001, 6:58pm - TWIDW post #0048)
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PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA - According to current newspaper and TV Guide online listings, WYBE 35 is going to air the 1988 documentary The Making Of Dr. Who on Saturday night before their regular episodes. Newspapers claim the start time is 9:56PM. TV Guide online claims the start time is 10PM. This is the documentary that appears on the Silver Nemesis VHS release from some years back - it includes sections deleted from the video version at the insistance of one Eric Saward. This documentary is not on the schedule provided on WYBE's web site.
Sat 9:56 or 10PM - The Making Of Dr. Who - documentary