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Monday 23rd July 2001

PHILADELPHIA alert! Doctor Who episodes *unavailable*?
(posted 23rd Jul 2001, 7:08pm - TWIDW post #0025)
This is a special report from This Week In Doctor Who ....
Viewers of Doctor Who on WYBE 35 in Philadelphia noticed on July 21st that their station aired different episodes from the advertised installments. Instead of airing the first half of Attack of the Cybermen (the second Colin Baker story), they aired the first 2 episodes of Time and the Rani (the first Sylvester McCoy story). WYBE had previously published a summer schedule with Colin Baker's episodes airing for at least the next 2 months.

Had this been a mere case of getting the tapes mixed up, I would simply comment on it in the next TWIDW column. However, it seems to be something more interesting. Here is an e-mail that a notable Philadelphia Doctor Who fan got from WYBE regarding last Saturday's broadcast:

Good afternoon and thank you for your interest in WYBE. Doctor Who is certainly a program that garners a very strong response from the audience. We would have loved being able to air all of the episodes in order but we were contacted by the BBC and informed that the Colin Baker years were not available to us at this time. We will air those episodes as soon as the BBC gives us the OK. I am sorry for any confusion this caused and hope that you will tune in this week.
Gail Maurer
Program Manager
WYBE Public Television

So, for some reason most or all of the Colin Baker stories are apparently unavailable for broadcast in the USA. It's recent, because KTEH 54 San Jose, CA aired a Colin episode last month as part of their 20th anniversary of Doctor Who night. More details when they are revealed.

This has been a special report from This Week In Doctor Who. You may resume your daily lives now.

Benjamin F. Elliott