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Friday 11th September 1998

UPDATE: This Week In Doctor Who - September 11th
This morning when I sent out "This Week In Doctor Who" I reported that I had some news that I hadn't been able to confirm. I can confirm now! (The Doctor Who Alliance newsletter did have this story, presumably from another source.) Maine Public Broadcasting has decided to pick up Doctor Who beginning in October! This is the first time in years that this station has carried the program (they weren't showing it when I visited in 1993, 1996, and 1997). They claim it is their most requested program.

Doctor Who will air in episode format. 2 episodes will air per week. It will begin at 9PM, with Red Dwarf at 10 and Monty Python at 10:30. There is mild confusion on the premeire date. The source I had said it would begin on Saturday October 3rd. The person from Maine says it will be October 4th (date of week not mentioned). Sunday night at 9PM is the official PBS start time for Masterpiece Theatre, and the Maine network has been airing that show there, so it'll probably be October 3rd. I do not know which story they will begin with.

Maine Public Broadcasting is also available to many viewers in New Hampshire, USA and New Brunswick, Canada. I imagine some Vermont viewers could get the broadcasts, but I don't know.

Special thanks to Shannon Patrick Sullivan for forwarding the message claiming that Maine would pick up the series.

My apologies for any confusion caused by my not reporting this news in the actual column, but I thought it was better to get Maine Public Broadcasting to confirm the story.

Benjamin F. Elliott
"This Week In Doctor Who"