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Last updated 10 February 2018


01 Nov 2017FAQS for viewers after switchover to WorldView MHz
17 Apr 2017Chicago’s changing channels after spectrum auction, by Robert Feder
01 Mar 2017WYCC Magazine - March 2017
01 Jun 2016WYCC Magazine - June 2016
01 May 2016WYCC Magazine - May 2016

  • The licensee of WYCC-TV is the Board of Trustees for City Colleges of Chicago. The station was entered into the FCC spectrum auction last spring and the bid was accepted. 
  • As a result of this station’s participation in the FCC incentive auction for broadcast spectrum sale, pursuant to federal regulations, WYCC will cease all broadcast operations on channels 20.1, 20.2 and 20.3 on November 27, 2017. 
  • WYCC is no longer affiliated with PBS or other content providers whose programs previously aired on WYCC. As a result, WYCC is only able to provide WorldView Megahertz programming for the time being on 20.1. The content on 20.2 and 20.3 will not change during this period. 
  • We encourage you to tune to WTTW and visit for more information on the programs you enjoy. 
  • WTTW is honoring all active WYCC memberships so if you have any questions about this announcement, or your membership, please contact our member services department at 888 993-9922 or WTTW at 773 509-1111 ext 6. 
  • All monthly and yearly sustaining member contributions by credit card will be automatically cancelled at the end of October 2017. Tax letters for 2017 will be mailed to members who gave a donation of $250 or more. 
  • Finally, we would like to thank our viewers and members for their kind and generous support over the years.
Back in November 2015 I first urged City Colleges of Chicago to put up for bid the over-the-air license of its little-watched noncommercial television station WYCC-Channel 20. Mayor Rahm Emanuel initially nixed the proposal before the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune and others pointed out that it wasn’t such a bad idea. Last week WYCC fetched $15.9 million in the FCC spectrum auction. Among five other Chicago area stations in the auction were Fox-owned WPWR-Channel 50 ($160.7 million) and Telemundo Chicago WSNS-Channel 44 ($141.6 million). The nation’s top bid was $304.2 million for Trinity Broadcasting Network’s WWTO-Channel 35 licensed to LaSalle, Illinois. Most are expected to continue operating on other stations’ frequencies or digital subchannels. Over the next 39 months, some TV stations will transition to new channel assignments. (For more on the impact in Chicago, see TDogMedia’s report here.)
LinkCredit: Robert Feder 
Fifth Doctor Movies on WYCC (Credit: WYCC Magazine (p9), March 2017)


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The June edition of WYCC Magazine featured Doctor Who on the front cover, with a page articles about the current series of Tom Baker Movies being shown on the channel.

WYCC Magazine - June 2016 (cover) (Credit: WYCC) WYCC Magazine - June 2016 (page 4) (Credit: WYCC)
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A clipping from the May edition of WYCC Magazine, mentioning Doctor Who being on the channel.

WYCC Magazine - May 2016 (insert) (Credit: WYCC)
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