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Saturday 12th June 2010

Torchwood This Week - June 12, 2010
(posted 12th Jun 2010, 4:09pm - TWIDW post #1064)
Torchwood This Week
June 12, 2010 - Volume 4, Number 18
by Benjamin F. Elliott
Torchwood is coming back for a 4th series - a year from now! US Premium Cable
outlet Starz is partnering with the BBC on 10 new episodes,
due to premiere in the US and UK in the Summer of 2011. John Barrowman and Eve
Myles are returning.
Starz is a premium suite of movie channels similar to HBO and Showtime. Starz
has been producing TV shows since 2008, again to be like HBO and Showtime.
Starz' shows include Crash, Party Down, and Spartacus: Blood And Sand. Starz has
a reputation for not interfering with TV shows, allowing as much nudity,
profanity, violence, and sexual content as the makers of the shows desire. Any
content restrictions and limits on the shows for time will likely come from the
BBC and their standards for whatever primetime slot on BBC One Torchwood will
air on in the UK.
With previous Starz' dramas, US subscribers to the online version of Netflix
were able to watch the episodes on that service starting the day after the Starz
premiere for no additional cost. We have no way to know if the deal with
Torchwood will be the same yet.
Starz has the exclusive US rights to the premiere of the 4th series. We do not
know if the shows will later become available to BBC America or other networks.
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on AIM, , and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger.
French language premiere of Torchwood: Children Of Earth in Canada.
14 June 8PM, 15 June 9AM and 10PM, 18 June 2PM EDT 3-02 Children Of Earth: Day Two Premiere
21 June 8PM, 22 June 9AM and 10PM, 25 June 2PM EDT 3-03 Children Of Earth: Day Three
28 June 2PM, 29 June 9AM and 10PM, 2 July 2PM EDT 3-04 Children Of Earth: Day Four
5 July 2PM, 6 July 9AM and 10PM, 9 July 2PM EDT 3-05 Children Of Earth: Day Five (end of summer run)
17 June 11PM BST 1-09 Random Shoes
24 June 11:50PM BST 1-10 Out of Time
Late 18 June 12:30AM 2-08 A Day in the Death
14 June 10:30PM and 4:10AM CET 2-08 A Day in the Death
15 June 10:30PM and 4:10AM CET 2-09 Something Borrowed
16 June 10:30PM and 4:10AM CET 2-10 From Out of the Rain
17 June 10:30PM and 4:15AM CET 2-11 Adrift
21 June 10:30PM and 4:05AM CET 2-12 Fragments
22 June 10:30PM and 4:35AM CET 2-13 Exit Wounds (end of daily run)
Late 7 July 12:15AM, 8 July 5:45AM CET 1-01 Everything Changes
Late 7 July 1:05AM, 8 July 6:35AM CET 1-02 "Day One"
Late 14 July 12:15AM, 15 July 5:55AM CET 1-03 Ghost Machine
Late 14 July 1:05AM, 15 July 6:45AM CET 1-04 Cyberwoman
Late 21 July 12:20AM, 22 July 6:15AM CET 1-05 Small Worlds
Late 21 July 1:10AM, 22 July 7:05AM CET 1-06 Countrycide
Late 28 July 12:25AM, 29 July 6:25AM CET 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
Late 28 July 1:15AM, 29 July 7:15AM CET 1-08 They Keep Killing Suzie
UKTV Australia
All times 2 hours later on UKTV +2. Times listed are Australian Eastern.
15 June 8:30PM and 2:30AM 2-13 Exit Wounds
22 June 8:30PM and 2:30AM 3-01 Children Of Earth: Day One
29 June 8:30PM and 2:30AM 3-02 Children Of Earth: Day Two
ABC 2 Australia
Repeat run:
14 June 10:20PM 1-01 Everything Changes
21 June 10:20PM 1-02 "Day One"
28 June 10:20PM 1-03 Ghost Machine
HD Net Canada
(not the same schedule as HD Net USA, episodes are in HD and unedited)
14 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 1-09 Random Shoes
15 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 1-10 Out of Time
16 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 1-11 Combat
17 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 1-12 Captain Jack Harkness
18 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 1-13 End of Days

21 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
22 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-02 Sleeper
23 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-03 To the Last Man
24 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-04 Meat
25 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-05 Adam
16 June 10PM and 2AM EDT/7PM and 11PM PDT 2-03 To the Last Man last scheduled episode - that was a short run
BBC America
14 June 11AM EDT 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
14 June Noon EDT 1-08 They Keep Killing Suzie
14 June 1PM EDT 1-09 Random Shoes
14 June 2PM EDT 1-11 Combat
14 June 3PM EDT 1-12 Captain Jack Harkness
14 June 4PM EDT 1-13 End of Days
BBC Entertainment
13 June Noon 1-10 Out of Time
20 June Noon 1-11 Combat
27 June Noon 1-12 Captain Jack Harkness
29 June 10PM and Midnight, 30 June 6AM 2-01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Syfy Universal Russia
All times Moscow.
Late 23 June Midnight, 24 June 9PM 2-01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Late 23 June 12:50AM, 24 June 9:50PM 2-02 Sleeper
Late 23 June 1:40AM, 24 June 10:40PM 2-03 To the Last Man
Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.
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