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Saturday 22nd May 2010

Torchwood This Week - May 22, 2010
(posted 22nd May 2010, 12:22pm - TWIDW post #1055)
Torchwood This Week
May 22, 2010 - Volume 4, Number 15
by Benjamin F. Elliott
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French language premiere of Torchwood: Children Of Earth in Canada.
7 June 8PM, 8 June 9AM and 10PM, 11 June 2PM EDT 3-01 Children Of Earth: Day One
14 June 8PM, 15 June 9AM and 10PM, 18 June 2PM EDT 3-02 Children Of Earth: Day Two
21 June 8PM, 22 June 9AM and 10PM, 25 June 2PM EDT 3-03 Children Of Earth: Day Three
28 June 2PM, 29 June 9AM and 10PM, 2 July 2PM EDT 3-04 Children Of Earth: Day Four
5 July 2PM, 6 July 9AM and 10PM, 9 July 2PM EDT 3-05 Children Of Earth: Day Five (end of summer run)
27 May 11PM BST 1-06 Countrycide
Late 3 June Midnight BST 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
UKTV New Zealand
First run of Torchwood on UKTV New Zealand
22 May 8:30PM and 3:15AM 1-11 Combat
29 May 8:30PM and 3:15AM 1-12 Captain Jack Harkness
Late 28 May 12:30AM 2-05 Adam
24 May 10:30PM and 4AM, 25 May 10:25AM and 4:25PM CET 1-09 Something Borrowed
25 May 10:30PM and 4:20AM, 26 May 10:35AM and 4:35PM CET 1-10 Out of Time
26 May 10:30PM and 4:20AM, 27 May 10:30AM and 4:30PM CET 1-11 Combat
27 May 10:30PM and 4:20AM, 28 May 9:10AM and 12:20PM and 6:10PM CET 1-12
Captain Jack Harkness
31 May 10:30PM and 4:20AM CET 1-13 End of Days
1 June 10:30PM and 4:30AM CET 2-01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
2 June 10:30PM and 4:35AM CET 2-02 Sleeper
3 June 10:30PM and 4:10AM CET 2-03 To the Last Man
7 June 10:30PM and 4:15AM CET 2-04 Meat
8 June 10:30PM and 4:15AM CET 2-05 Adam
9 June 10:30PM, 10 June 5:15AM CET 2-06 Reset
10 June 10:30PM and 4:15AM CET 2-07 Dead Man Walking
14 June 10:30PM and 4:10AM CET 2-08 A Day in the Death
15 June 10:30PM and 4:10AM CET 2-09 Something Borrowed
16 June 10:30PM and 4:10AM CET 2-10 From Out of the Rain
17 June 10:30PM and 4:15AM CET 2-11 Adrift
21 June 10:30PM and 4:05AM CET 2-12 Fragments
22 June 10:30PM and 4:35AM CET 2-13 Exit Wounds (end of daily run)
Late 23 May 2:20AM CET 2-11 Adrift
Late 23 May 3:05AM CET 2-12 Fragments
Late 23 May 3:55AM CET 2-13 Exit Wounds
Late 23 May 4:45AM CET 3-01 "Children Of Earth: Day One" (50 minute version)
24 May 5:40AM CET 3-02 "Children Of Earth: Day Two" (50 minute version)
Late 24 May 4:05AM, Late 30 May 2:10AM CET 3-03 "Children Of Earth: Day Three"
(50 minute version)
Late 25 May 3:40AM, Late 30 May 3:05AM CET 3-04 "Children Of Earth: Day Four"
(50 minute version)
Late 26 May 3:45AM, Late 30 May 4AM CET 3-05 "Children Of Earth: Day Five" (50
minute version)
Torchwood leaves the schedule at this point, replaced by repeats of Threshold.
UKTV Australia
All times 2 hours later on UKTV +2. Times listed are Australian Eastern.
25 May 8:30PM and 2:30AM 2-10 From Out of the Rain
1 June 8:30PM and 2:30AM 2-11 Adrift
HD Net Canada
(not the same schedule as HD Net USA, episodes are in HD and unedited)
24 May 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-08 A Day in the Death
25 May 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-09 Something Borrowed
26 May 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-10 From Out of the Rain
27 May 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-11 Adrift
28 May 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-12 Fragments

31 May - pre-empted
1 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-13 Exit Wounds
2 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 1-01 Everything Changes
3 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 1-02 Day One
4 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 1-03 Ghost Machine
2 June 10PM and 2AM EDT/7PM and 11PM PDT 2-01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (start of repeat run)
9 June 10PM and 2AM EDT/7PM and 11PM PDT 2-02 Sleeper
BBC America
24 May 11AM EDT 1-01 Everything Changes (BBC America is marathoning shows on
24 May Noon EDT 1-02 "Day One"
24 May 1PM EDT 1-03 Ghost Machine
24 May 2PM EDT 1-04 Cyberwoman
24 May 3PM EDT 1-05 Small Worlds
24 May 4PM EDT 1-06 Countrycide
BBC Entertainment
23 May Noon 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
25 May 9PM and 11PM, 26 May 5AM 1-12 Captain Jack Harkness
25 May 10PM and Midnight, 26 May 6AM 1-13 End of Days
30 May Noon 1-08 They Keep Killing Suzie
Syfy Universal Russia
All times Moscow.
28 May 8:10PM and 2:05AM 1-11 Combat
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