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Friday 19th June 2009

Update - BBC America Gives Torchwood Extended Time Slots
(posted 19th Jun 2009, 1:25pm - TWIDW post #0900) AmericaTorchwood: Children Of EarthMonday 20 July through Friday July 249PM to 10:15PM Eastern (75 minute premiere slots)8PM to 9PM Eastern (60 minute repeats the following night)BBC America has issued a new press release about Torchwood: Children Of Earth. Everything previously known about BBC America's showing still applies. But now we know that the premieres (at least the 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific showing) will be 75 minutes long each. Given the 60 minute length of the episodes pre-commercials, the 75 minute slot will allow BBC America to air the episodes uncut, bar any language, sex, and nudity issues that might breach BBC America standards.The repeats on the following weeknights start at 8PM Eastern (5PM Pacific), leaving only 60 minutes, so with 14 to 15 minutes of commercials to the hour they will likely be heavily edited. No information on the weekend or late night showings.If you were among the people who told BBC America that they should give the Torchwood episodes extended time slots - THANK YOU! To BBC America - THANK YOU!Now, here's the tricky bit. BBC America is altering their time slot (even delaying their vaunted newscast that gets shown worldwide on BBC World News). Now the Torchwood audience has to turn up and watch the show on BBC America (even if they watch it elsewhere first). Friends have to be told. This needs to be a big success, so that BBC America learns the value of airing shows uncut. We have said that we are comfortable with extended slots and odd times - do we mean it? Do we deserve to see full length episodes of shows?For now, I'm glad that BBC America is treating the audience well. It gives me a good feeling about Doctor Who - Planet Of The Dead (which we do not know the length of the timeslot for yet). Please spread this news around, whether using this announcement or rewording it your own way.Benjamin ElliottThis Week In Doctor Who/Torchwood This Week