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Saturday 12th July 2008

Torchwood This Week - July 12, 2008
(posted 12th Jul 2008, 10:58am - TWIDW post #0718)
July 12, 2008 - Vol 2, No 27
The weekly guide to Torchwood transmissions.
by Benjamin F. Elliott
Doctor Who schedule information is in This Week In Doctor Who .
We are still awaiting a date for the premiere of the BBC Radio 4
episode of Torchwood. It is assumed the episode will air later this
summer when the reactor that the story ties into is turned on.
Germany - RTL 2 has bought Doctor Who for their Wednesday night schedule. Expected to be 10PM or later. No premiere date yet.
South Korea - The Skylife satellite service began airing Torchwood on
7 July. We do not know what channel or what time the show is on.
Sweden - TV4 Plus began Torchwood Series 2 on Sunday 6 July. Episodes
are Sundays at 10PM CET.
Corrections and updates are welcome at torchwood- , TWIDW on AIM, and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger.
Torchwood Website -
Australian Website -
Dubbed into Italian.
Saturday 11:40AM, Sunday 2:55PM and 10:50PM, Late Monday 2:05AM CET 2-02 L'agente Dormiente
Tuesday 9PM, Late Wednesday 12:05AM and 3:30AM, Late Thursday 2:20AM, Late Friday 3:05AM
, Saturday 19 July 11:15AM, 20 July 1:20PM and 10:55PM, Late 21 July 2:05AM CET 2-03 Finl All'ultimo Uomo
22 July 9PM, Late 23 July 12:30AM and 3:55AM, Late 24 July 3:40AM, 26 July 9:35AM, 27 July 2:30PM and 10:40PM, Late 28 July 2AM CET 2-04 Carne
29 July 9PM, Late 30 July 12:25AM, Late 31 July 3:10AM CET 2-05 Adam
TV4 Plus
Series 2 snuck back on the air - welcome back.
Sunday 10PM CET 2-02 Sleeper
20 July 10PM CET 2-03 To the Last Man
Schedule is extrapolated - website does not have usable schedule
SciFi Russia
All times Moscow
Saturday 11PM(10:35PM), Sunday 8:05PM 1-06 Countrycide (Greeks Bearing Gifts)
Monday 9PM, Tuesday 7:05PM(8:05PM), 19 July 11PM, 20 July 8:05PM 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
(They Keep Killing Suzie)
BBC Entertainment
All times Thailand
Sunday 4:05PM 1-01 Everything Changes (premiere!)
Monday 7:05PM and 10PM and 2:25AM, Tuesday 9:20AM and 1:50PM, 20 July
4:10PM 1-02 "Day One"
21 July 7:05PM and 10PM and 2:15AM, 22 July 9:20AM and 1:55PM, 27
July 4:05PM 1-03 Ghost Machine
28 July 7:05PM and 10PM and 1:45AM, 29 July 9:20AM and 1:50PM 1-
04 Cyberwoman
Wednesday 10:30PM 1-02 "Day One"
16:9 letterbox
8 August 2-01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2nd Series Canadian premiere! New station!)
SPACE has rights to Series 2, but does not currently have rights to Series 1, as they are still held by the CBC.
HD on Ztele HD, Dubbed in French. Series 2 airs Tuesdays 10PM plus repeats Fall 2008.
Monday 8AM EDT 1-01 Tout Change
Monday 9PM, Friday 2PM and 11PM
, 21 July 8AM EDT 1-02 Premier Jour
21 July 9PM, 25 July 2PM and 11PM, 28 July 8AM EDT 1-03 Machine a Fantomes
28 July 9PM, 1 August 2PM and 11PM, 4 August 8AM EDT 1-04 Femme Cybernetique
4 August 9PM, 8 August 2PM and 11PM, 11 August 8AM EDT 1-05 Petits Mondes
11 August 9PM, 15 August 2PM and 11PM EDT 1-06 La Recolte
HD Net Canada
Complete, uncut episodes in High Definition (not the same schedule as
HD Net US)
Monday 7 and 11PM EDT/4 and 8PM PDT 1-01 Everything Changes (repeat run begins)
21 July 7 and 11PM EDT/4 and 8PM PDT 1-02 Day One
Torchwood has begun airing on the Skylife service. Alas, the English
language website does not do schedules. The Korean language website
is harder to search than KBS (which was hard). I have not found
Torchwood on the schedule. If anybody knows Korean ...
RTL2 has bought Torchwood for the German market. Premiere date unknown. Looks like Wednesday nights at 10PM or later.
Wednesday 11:20PM BST 2-13 Exit Wounds (end of repeat run)
Series 3 will premiere on BBC One in 2009. Currently 5 episodes,
stripped Monday to Friday for a weeklong event.
HD Net
DirecTV 79,259
Dish 9422 (5510 Alaska and Hawaii only)
High Definition 16:9 format. Uncut, commercial free.
Monday 7PM and 10PM and 1AM EST/4PM and 7PM and 10PM PDT 1-10 Out of Time
14 July 7PM and 10PM and 1AM EST/4PM and 7PM and 10PM PDT 1-11 Combat
Series 1 repeats:
Wednesday 8:30PM and 11:55PM, Thursday 10:10PM CET 1-01 Everything Changes
Wednesday 9:25PM and 12:50AM, Thursday 11:05PM CET 1-02 Day One

23 July 8:30PM and 11:50PM, 24 July 10:10PM CET 1-03 Ghost Machine
23 July 9:20PM and 12:40AM, 24 July 11PM CET 1-04 Cyberwoman
30 July 8:30PM and 11:50PM, 31 July 10:50PM CET 1-05 Small Worlds
30 July 9:20PM and 12:40AM, 31 July 11:50PM CET 1-06 Countrycide
6 August 8:30PM and 11:55PM CET 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
(Wednesdays only from this point)
6 August 9:20PM and 12:45AM CET 1-08 They Keep Killing Suzie
13 August 8:30PM and 11:50PM CET 1-09 Random Shoes
13 August 9:20PM and 12:40AM CET 1-10 Out of Time
20 August 8:30PM and 11:50PM CET 1-11 Combat
20 August 9:20PM and 12:40AM CET 1-12 Captain Jack Harkness
27 August 8:30PM and 11:50PM CET 1-13 End of Days (end of repeat run)
BBC HD Australia
Source is on Australian Western Time. Adjust for time zone. No accurate information yet, so we will extrapolate.

Sunday 8:30PM and (late) 12:30AM and (late) 4:30AM, Monday 8:30PM and
12:30PM and 4:30PM 1-06 Countrycide
Wednesday 5:30PM and 9:30PM and (late) 1:30AM, Thursday 5:30AM and 9:30AM and 1:30PM, Friday 7:30PM and 11:30PM and (late) 3:30AM,
Saturday 19 July 7:30AM and 11:30AM and 3:30PM 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
BBC Entertainment
The Polish version of BBC Entertainment's website now has a Torchwood
page listing all the Series 1 episodes (in English and Polish). I
cannot find a premiere date yet.
Stations That Will/Have Aired Torchwood:
UK - BBC Two -
Series 2 completed.
BBC Three
Watch (new UK channel in October not yet named - repeats of Series 1
and 2)
Israel - Yes Stars 2 - Series 1 completed.
SPAIN - Cuatro - Series 1 completed.
AUSTRALIA - Network Ten -
Series 1 completed.
There are exclusive interviews and clips on the Ten website as well
as Torchwood De-Classified - as of this writing, you have to be in
Australia to view the clips.
Southern Cross Ten
(Regional service that carries portions of Network Ten's lineup) -
Series 1 completed.
UKTV Australia
No episodes scheduled.
Network Ten HD
Series 1 repeats on the new HD channel.
Shelved for now. Premiere date TBA.
MEXICO - Canal 22
Episodes air as 2 parters. Series 1 completed?
LATIN AMERICA - People + Arts - Series 1
FRANCE - NRJ 12 - Series 1 repeats completed,
episodes dubbed in French, expect slight cuts on bloodshed
Jimmy - Series 1 completed.
HONG KONG - ATV World Series 1
USA - BBC America
DirecTV 264 Dish 135,879 16:9 Letterbox format. Series 2 Completed.
Next airdate unknown.
BBC America On Demand - available on better digital cable systems
Full length episodes (no cuts for time). Content edits made for BBC
America TV broadcasts (language, violence, nudity) will be present in
this version. - No episodes on schedule.
MILITARY - BFBS - Series 2 completed.
FINLAND - TV 2 - Series 1 and 2 completed.
And other countries who I haven't seen identified yet
Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.
Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2008.