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Thursday 21st February 2008

SciFi US - Sarah Jane 4/11, Doctor Who 4/18
(posted 21st Feb 2008, 6:27pm - TWIDW post #0650)
Lee Whiteside at has found NBCUni's tentative schedule information
for SciFi Channel in April. Fantastic.
7PM EDT all 4 Fridays - Chuck
10PM EDT all 4 Fridays - Battlestar Galactica Season 4 (new)
On April 4 2 more hours of Battlestar Galactica air (8 and 9PM), probably the
season 3 finale.
8PM April 11 - the US premiere of Sarah Jane Adventures. 60 minute episode,
probably Invasion Of The Bane, shortened from 61 minutes to 44 minutes to fit
the timeslot.
9PM April 11 - Battlestar Galactica (probably repeat of Season 4 premiere)
8PM EDT April 18 - 30 minute episode of Sarah Jane Adventures. The regular
episodes are 30 minutes in length, so this could be episode 1 of Revenge Of The
Slitheen, the first regular episode.
8:30PM EDT April 18 - 90 minute broadcast of Doctor Who - Voyage Of The Damned.
This year the Doctor Who Christmas episode was 71 minutes long, so expect SciFi
to cut out 5 minutes to bring it to 66 minutes with 24 minutes of ads.
8PM EDT April 25 - 2 30 minute episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures are listed.
9PM EDT April 25 - 1 60 minute episode of Doctor Who is listed, presumably the
first of the 13 airing on BBC One this Spring.
Cable subscribers will see SciFi at the same times Pacific as Eastern. Satellite
subscribers will see SciFi 3 hours earlier Pacific than Eastern. We should get
repeat times later.
Benjamin Elliott, This Week In Doctor Who