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Saturday 28th July 2007

Torchwood This Week - July 28, 2007
(posted 28th Jul 2007, 12:26pm - TWIDW post #0556)
by Benjamin F. Elliott
July 28, 2007
Volume 1, Number 38
The weekly guide to Torchwood transmissions.
Torchwood premieres in Spain this weekend. Late Sundays at 1AM on
Cuatro. 1 episode per week.
Seems I was slightly mistaken on the Mexican listings. Canal 22 is
not airing 2 episodes per week. They are breaking episodes into 2
parts. 30 minutes Monday, with the concluding 30 minutes Wednesday.
US readers with Digital Cable - if you have BBC America On Demand, you are getting Torchwood earlier than the rest of us. The documentary Welcome to Torchwood and Torchwood episode 1 (Everything Changes) go on the BBC America On Demand service on Monday 27 August. Expect further episodes to pop up once a week (so - Day One on September 3, Ghost Machine on September 10, etc).

BBC America's On Demand service usually holds 4 episodes at a time before the earlier episodes drop off. It is commercial free. It also has a tendency to air shows unedited that are airing edited on the main channel. Life On Mars Series 1 was the full 58 minutes On Demand versus 45 1/2 minutes on the TV channel. It will be interesting to see if On Demand gets a complete (or at least more complete) version of the Torchwood episodes.

To get BBC America On Demand, you need to a) have BBC America on your system, b) be subscribed to Digital Cable, and c) your cable system needs to have signed up for it. DirecTV and Dish Network subscribers are out of luck - the On Demand service isn't available on satellite at this time. If you don't get On Demand, you can join me waiting for its arrival on [t{26023=Saturday 8 September}} on the BBC America TV channel.

BBC America (so far at least) has only put shows On Demand that they air in the US first, so don't expect Doctor Who to pop up there.
Doctor Who schedule information is in This Week In Doctor Who .
I am trying to find websites and station information for some of the
more elusive Torchwood sales. If you spot it airing or getting ready
to air in your country, and I've missed it, let me know so it gets
into the next edition and more fans get informed.
Corrections and updates are welcome at torchwood- , TWIDW on AIM, and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger.
Torchwood Website -
Australian Website -
Yes Stars 2
Sunday 10:20PM and 1:40AM, Friday 8:40PM and 1AM 1-12 Captain Jack Harkness
Network Ten
There are some Australian exclusive interviews and clips on the Ten website as well as Torchwood De-Classified - as of this writing, there is no block on seeing these in other countries.

Monday 9:15-10:25PM 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
(Note earlier time. However, the Monday episode of Big Brother has run long, delaying Torchwood at least once so far. Ten's programming could run late.)
» the next edition indicated this ran 55 minutes late in the end!

6 August 9:30-10:40PM 1-08 They Keep Killing Suzie
Southern Cross Ten
(Regional service that carries portions of Network Ten's lineup)
Monday 9:15-10:25PM 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
TV4 Plus
Sunday 9PM, Late Friday 1:45AM CET 1-06 Countrycide
Sunday 10PM, Late Friday 2:35AM CET 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
5 August 9PM CET 1-08 They Keep Killing Suzie
5 August 10PM CET 1-09 Random Shoes
(now airing 2 episodes per week)
Canal 22
Episodes air as 2 parters.
Monday 10:30PM 1-04 Cyberwoman 30 minutes, pt 1 of 2
Wednesday 10:30PM 1-04 Cyberwoman 30 minutes, pt 2 of 2
6 August 10:30PM 1-05 Small Worlds 30 minutes, pt 1 of 2
8 August 10:30PM 1-05 Small Worlds 30 minutes, pt 2 of 2
Late Sunday 1AM CET 1-01 Everything Changes
UK Broadcasts:
No repeats scheduled in next 2 weeks.
BBC America On Demand (certain digital cable systems, not on satellite)
27 August through 2 September:
Preview - Welcome to Torchwood
1-01 Everything Changes BBC America has run shows unedited for content and time on the On Demand service - time will tell)
BBC America
8 September 9PM and Midnight EDT/6 and 9PM PDT 1-01 Everything Changes
Future Broadcasters of Torchwood:
CANADA - CBC TV - Fall 2007, reported to
be Fridays 9PM
CANADA - Ztele
And other countries who I haven't seen identified yet
Series 2 - coming early 2008. 13 episodes, premieres on BBC Two.
Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.
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