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Friday 6th April 2007

Alert - West Virginia PBS may air Rose Saturday 11PM EDT
(posted 6th Apr 2007, 6:07pm - TWIDW post #0509)
Some sources are noting that West Virginia PBS will air Rose this Saturday April 7 at 11PM EDT, with The End Of The World airing April 14th at 11:15PM EDT. If so, this is the latest station to pick up the show.

West Virgina PBS is seen throughout West Virginia and some border areas in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky. It is *not* Western Virgina Public TV, a Virginia regional network operating in the Shenandoah Valley.

At this time, Doctor Who does *not* appear on the West Virginia PBS website, so this must be taken with a grain of salt. The information indicates that previous time slot occupant Monty Python's Flying Circus moves to Midnight. So if you tune into West Virginia PBS tomorrow at 11PM and a bearded vagrant appears followed by a giant foot squashes some credits, then disregard the news.
Benjamin Elliott
PS - Thanks to everyone who has spotted Doctor Who Confidential on stations whose schedules didn't indicate they were airing that show. As more of these reports come in, it should give us a better view of where Confidential is airing in time for next week's edition.
PPS - BBC America's adding Series 1 repeats on Thursdays. 2 hours per week. 9 to 11PM and 1 to 3AM Eastern. Starts April 26.