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Wednesday 14th February 2007

Torchwood This Week - February 14, 2007
(posted 14th Feb 2007, 11:46am - TWIDW post #0492)
by Benjamin F. Elliott
February 14, 2007
Volume 1, Number 18
The weekly guide to Torchwood transmissions.
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John Barrowman announced while guest hosting a radio show on Sunday
that Torchwood Series 2 is expected to premiere in early 2008.
Filming will run into November of 2007. Series 2 will be airing on
BBC Two first, while Series 1 first aired on BBC Three.
Australian broadcaster ABC has revealed to Doctor Who fans that they did not buy Torchwood Series 1. One of the Australian newspapers had reported the purchase at the start of the year. It appears that ABC will not be going for the show, so it is available to the commercial broadcasters and cable channels.
Torchwood continues airing late Sundays on BBC Three and Thursdays at
10PM on BBC HD in the UK.
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Torchwood Website -
*Note* - due to rights issues, all the video content on Torchwood's
website is protected to only be seen in the UK.
UK Broadcasts:
BBC Three
Late Sunday 1:55AM GMT 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
Late 25 February 2AM GMT 1-08 They Keep Killing Suzie
Thursday 10PM GMT 1-04 Cyberwoman
22 February 10PM GMT 1-05 Small Worlds
Future Broadcasters of Torchwood (Premiere Dates Unknown):
SPAIN - Cuatro
Sweden - TV4
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