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Tuesday 19th December 2006

KTEH San Jose, CA To Air Doctor Who in April 2007
(posted 19th Dec 2006, 2:22pm - TWIDW post #0465)
The people at KTEH 54 San Jose, CA have sent out a press release heralding their acquisition of the Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who episodes, making them the first public TV station to publicize that they purchased this package. It is expected that public TV stations will get Doctor Who in a one hour block - the unedited episodes followed by a cut down version of the relevant Doctor Who Confidential episode.
After a wait of over four years, Doctor Who rematerializes on KTEH.

The first series of the new Doctor Who has been acquired by KTEH (PBS - San Jose, CA) with a planned premiere on Tuesday April 10, 2007. Starring Christopher Eccleston (Heroes, 28 Days Later) as the ninth incarnation of the wandering time traveler known only as the Doctor, Doctor Who triumphantly returned to British television screens after a 16 year absence. Since then, the new series has been seen worldwide from Finland and Italy, to Hong Kong and Korea.

Doctor Who returns to KTEH after an absence of over four years. When the series last ran, KTEH had aired the equivalent of 7703 episodes (Over 10 times more than the BBC actually produced!!) as well as producing around a dozen Doctor Who related interviews. Beginning on April 13, 1981, Doctor Who captured the attention of the viewers of the San Francisco Bay Area, with the series being shown every weeknight, and full stories every Saturday night. Doctor Who last aired in January of 2003, and was a victim of budget problems and declining funding from the viewing public.

Doctor Who is a product of the BBC in the UK, and is distributed to PBS stations though American Public Television and BBC Worldwide. KTEH is part of the newly formed Northern California Public Broadcasting, which is comprised of KTEH-TV, KQED-TV & FM, KCAH and KQEI-FM and is the most watched public television broadcaster and the second most listened-to public radio broadcaster in the country.
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