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Wednesday 25th October 2006

Torchwood This Week - October 25, 2006
(posted 25th Oct 2006, 11:44am - TWIDW post #0445)
by Benjamin F. Elliott
October 25, 2006
Volume 1, Number 2
The weekly guide to Torchwood transmissions.
Torchwood broke ratings records for BBC Three with its premiere on
Sunday 22 October, with the channel's highest overnight figures ever
(and probably highest final viewership totals when the numbers come
out). Torchwood's main opposition was the final episode of the final
series of Prime Suspect on ITV 1.
Overnight ratings - Everything Changes - 2.378 million viewers
Overnight ratings - Day One - 2.328 million viewers
For a programme not on one of the 5 terrestial channels (the ones
you can see with an analogue tuner and an antenna), they were near
the top of all time broadcasts. Different reports claim that an
episode of Friends on Sky One had 2.8 million viewers in 2000 and
that a couple of sports events have done better.
BBC Three is repeating each episode an average of 6 times during the
week in case people miss the first airing. BBC Two will air the
first 2 episodes tonight (25 October) at 9PM BST (10PM for those in
mainland Europe who can get BBC Two).
The regular schedule for the series beginning 29 October:
Sunday 10PM - BBC Three and BBC HD simulcast - first airing of
Sunday late night - BBC Three Torchwood repeat, Torchwood De-
Classified first airing
Tuesday 7:45PM - BBC Three Torchwood De-Classified repeat
Tuesday 10:30PM & late night - BBC Three Torchwood repeats
Wednesday 9PM - BBC Two airs Torchwood (subject to regional
Friday 9:10PM & Midnight - BBC Three Torchwood repeats
Friday 12:50AM - BBC Three Torchwood De-Classified repeat
Corrections and updates are welcome at torchwood- , TWIDW on AIM, and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger.
Torchwood Website -
*Note* - due to rights issues, all the video content on Torchwood's
website is protected to only be seen in the UK. There is a link out
there which currently reveals the full website to everyone, but if
it is publicized it could be taken down. Do a bit of searching and
it can be found.
UK Broadcasts:
BBC Three
Friday 9PM & 12:50AM, 4 November 9PM & 12:30AM BST 1-01 "Everything
Friday 10:30PM & 1:40AM, 4 November 9:50PM & 1:20AM BST 1-02 "Day
Sunday 10PM & 12:20AM, Tuesday 10:30PM & 1:20AM, 3 November 9:10PM &
Midnight, 4 November 10:40PM & 2:10AM GMT 1-03 Ghost Machine
Late Sunday 1:10AM, Tuesday 7:45PM, Late Friday 3 November 12:50AM
GMT "Torchwood De-Classified: Living History" ep 3
5 November 10PM & 12:20AM, 7 November 10:30PM GMT 1-04 Cyberwoman
Late 5 November 1:10AM, 7 November 7:45PM GMT "Torchwood De-
Classified" ep 4
Sunday 10PM GMT 1-03 Ghost Machine
5 November 10PM GMT 1-04 Cyberwoman
Wednesday 9-10:40PM** BST 1-01/1-02 "Everything Changes/Day One" (UK
Terrestial Premiere!)
**BBC Two Scotland and BBC Two Scotland Digital indicate that they
will end the premiere at 10:30PM, giving them only 90 minutes to air
100 minutes of programme.
1 November 9PM GMT 1-03 Ghost Machine (except BBC Two Wales and
BBC Two Wales Digital)
1 November 9:30PM GMT 1-03 Ghost Machine (BBC Two Wales only)
1 November 9:40PM GMT 1-03 Ghost Machine (BBC Two Wales Digital
Monday 9:10PM CET 1-03 Ghost Machine
Friday 10:30PM CET 1-01 Everything Changes
Friday 11:20PM CET 1-02 "Day One"
Late Friday 12:15AM CET "Torchwood De-Classified" ep 1
Late Friday 12:30AM CET "Torchwood De-Classified" ep 2
3 November 10:40PM CET 1-03 Ghost Machine
3 November 11:30PM CET "Torchwood De-Classified" ep 3
Saturday 4:30AM CET 1-01 Everything Changes
Saturday 5:20AM CET 1-02 "Day One"
Saturday 6:15AM CET "Torchwood De-Classified" ep 1
Saturday 6:30AM CET "Torchwood De-Classified" ep 2
Monday 9:10PM, 4 November 4:40AM CET 1-03 Ghost Machine
4 November 5:30AM CET "Torchwood De-Classified" ep 3
Future episodes:
1-05 Small Worlds
1-06 Countrycide
1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
1-08 "They Keep Killing"
1-09 "Invisible Eugene"
1-10 Combat
1-11 Out of Time
1-12 Captain Jack Harkness
1-13 "Apocalypse"
Thanks for reading. See you next week.
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