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Thursday 30th March 2006

TWIDW - March 30, 2006 Supplemental
(posted 30th Mar 2006, 12:59pm - TWIDW post #0392)
A few Doctor Who schedule updates now that the press embargo for the
Cardiff night is over and sources have been updating future
1) Each episode of the new season will have a tie-in Tardisode. The
Tardisodes are 1 minute features with characters from the relevant
episode (not David Tennant or Billie Piper) in exclusive material.
You can download the Tardisodes to a mobile phone by texting the
word TARDIS to 81010 to subscribe (they note that texting this way
tends to cost 12p to 15p). You can then download the new episodes
each Saturday for no additional cost from the BBC. Or you can watch
the Tardisodes on the Doctor Who website . It will be possible to download to
mobile phones from the website as well - not entirely clear what the
rules/limits are on downloading to your computer.
The press release on this does not specify whether the Tardisodes
will be available outside the UK at this time. They are definitely
expected on the DVD boxset.
2) Following the success of The Christmas Invasion online commentary
track, each new Doctor Who episode will have a commentary track put
online that you can listen to or download. It will be part of
roughly 2 hours of material going online each week, including Doctor
Who Confidential, video diaries, games, trailers, and the Tardisodes.
3) Outpost Gallifrey has confirmed that
Totally Doctor Who will air every week Thursdays at 5PM on BBC One
starting 13 April and Saturdays at 6:30PM on CBBC starting 15 April,
instead of just being special times for the premiere week. Totally
Doctor Who is a childrens magazine show with 2 presenters
interviewing studio guests from previous episodes and
introduce "filmed inserts both from the Doctor Who set and the wider
world of the series and the children who love it".
4) It is now known that BBC Three's Doctor Who Night on Sunday 9
April will include a 60 minute Doctor Who Confidential special at
9PM, the last hour of the night (7 to 10PM). The rest of the
evening's schedule is unknown as of this writing.
5) BBC Three's repeat run of Series One has been tweaked slightly.
Episode 5 (World War Three) will air on Saturday 8 April at 7:10PM.
This revises the schedule for the weekday episodes from 10 April
onwards. The new schedule:
Monday 10 April:
7PM Dalek
7:45PM The Long Game
Tuesday 11 April:
7PM Father's Day
7:45PM The Empty Child
Wednesday 12 April:
7PM The Doctor Dances
7:45PM Boom Town
Thursday 13 April:
7PM Bad Wolf
7:45PM The Parting Of The Ways
Dunno if anything will air on 14 April.
6) UKTV Gold's run of classic Doctor Who stories is being halted effective 7 May. The May schedule reveals that UKTV Gold will air The Twin Dilemma on 6 May, The Ultimate Foe on 7 May, and that's it for the month, with Ballykissangel and Murder, She Wrote taking Doctor Who's timeslots. This move comes as a surprise after UKTV Gold made a point of buying the Jon Pertwee package earlier this year, indicating that they had a new contract for Doctor Who. I doubt this is the last of Doctor Who repeats on the UKTV Channels - but for now the reason for this halt of airings is unknown.
16 days till Series 2 begins in the UK. A bit longer for the rest of
the world. As the countdown ticks away.
Benjamin Elliott