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Wednesday 8th March 2006

This Week In Doctor Who - March 8, 2006
(posted 8th Mar 2006, 1:37pm - TWIDW post #0386)
March 8, 2006 - Vol 9, No 10
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide.
by Benjamin F. Elliott
9 Days till the new Doctor Who premieres on Sci-Fi Channel. Expect
big excitement next week!
Thursday 9 March:
People + Arts (Spain/Portugal) 10:30PM CET - Father's Day
Sunday 12 March:
Cool TV (Hungary) 7PM - Aliens of London
ATV World (Hong Kong) 11:20PM - Aliens of London
Tuesday 14 March:
Ztélé Canada 8PM - L'explosion De Cardiff
Friday 17 March:
SciFi US 9PM EST/PST - Rose/The End Of The World (US Premiere!)
The BBC has announced that the
children's magazine tie-in show (formerly referred to as Doctor Who
Friday) is now "Totally Doctor Who". The first episode will air on
BBC Two and apparently future episodes will air on CBBC. CBBC is a
daytime children's channel sharing time with BBC Three - it is also
the name of the kids programming blocks on BBC One and BBC Two.
Totally Doctor Who episodes are expected to air 1 day before the
relevant Doctor Who episodes air. As the premiere date for Doctor
Who series 2 has not been announced yet, we do not have a date for
Totally Doctor Who (or Doctor Who Confidential).
SciFi in the US has made incremental changes to their Doctor Who schedule for Series 1. The Sunday repeat on March 19th will now air from 11:30PM to 1:30AM EST. The Sunday repeat on March 26th will now air from 12:30AM to 1:30AM EST. Sunday repeats move to their regular time of 11PM EDT beginning April 2nd. The advanced April schedule now has episode titles, but it appears that the April information does not take into account the fact that SciFi changed the March broadcast schedule. At the moment, they have Aliens of London airing for 2 Fridays in a row (March 31 and April 7). It will probably be updated within a few days. SciFi has unveiled at least one additional ad promoting Doctor Who "on a quest to find a good vacation". Expect heavy advertising this weekend during Sci-Fi's season finales of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and the extended finale of Battlestar Galactica.
Iowa Public TV has clarified how this "vote for the next Doctor" works when you pledge - March 11 from 11PM to 1AM CST. Sylvester McCoy's stories continue through April 1 (conclusion of Dragonfire - McCoy's 4th story). The winner of the pledge vote (all 7 Doctors from the original 26 seasons are available, including McCoy) takes over the slot on April 8. The pledge drive is raising money to keep Doctor Who on IPTV through at least March 2007. Lars Pearson (Mad Norwegian Press, author of the I, Who guides) will be at IPTV studios helping with the pledge drive. He is asking Doctor Who fans inside and outside Iowa to help this station keep Doctor Who on the air. Folks outside IPTV's viewing area can pledge at .
Sci-Fi Overdrive has an interview with
Thomas Vitale of Sci-Fi Channel this weekend (hour 2 - see listings
below). The first segment is discussing that channel's launch of
Doctor Who in the USA.
NRK 2 Norway has renewed Doktor Who for a 2nd Series. No premiere date given. Congratulations, Norwegian fans. France 4 has not announced if they have renewed Doctor Who, but their dubbed version of Doctor Who (cropped to 4:3 format) went on sale in France today as a season set priced at 30 Euros. Hopefully that is a good sign for the future of the Doctor in France.
Meanwhile, we wait for word of the Series 2 premiere date for Doctor
Who in the UK. It will almost certainly premiere in April, but when?
As with Series 1 and The Christmas Invasion, we will probably know
as soon as the BBC makes a final decision, and it'll probably be
just a few weeks before the premiere.
The BBC Press Office and C21 Media often announce when a Doctor Who
international sale occurs. Worth keeping an eye on, just in case.
Corrections and updates are welcome at thisweekindoctorwho- , TWIDW on AOL IM , and thebfe on Yahoo
Messenger. The listings:
New Series General Information:
BBC Online
Doctor Who Confidential
The 13 episodes from the BBC Three series all online via Real
Player. Also, numerous video diaries and trailers.
Attack Of The Graske - interactive game available to UK residents
only as part of the trials of the BBC broadband service, starring
David Tennant as the Doctor and you as the companion
CANADA (French):
Friday 9PM, Saturday 8AM, Sunday 4PM, Tuesday 2PM EST 1-10 Le Docteur Danse pt 2 of 2
Tuesday 8PM EST 1-11 L'explosion De Cardiff Premiere}

4:3 cropped pan & scan. Same French dub as France 4.
17 March 8PM EST (and repeats) 1-11 L'explosion De Cardiff
21 March 8PM EST (and repeats) 1-12 Le Grand Méchant Loup pt 1 of 2
Digital Plus
People + Arts
Thursday 10:30PM & 2:30AM, Friday 6:30AM & 3PM, Saturday 6AM, 2 & 9:30PM CET 1-08 Father's Day
16 March 10:30PM & 2:30AM, 17 March 6:30AM & 3PM, 18 March 6AM, 2 & 9:30PM CET 1-09 The Empty Child pt 1 of 2
23 March 10:30PM & 2:30AM, 24 March 6:30AM & 3PM, 25 March 6AM, 2 & 9:30PM CET 1-10 The Doctor Dances pt 2 of 2
30 March 10:30PM & 2:30AM, 31 March 6:30AM & 3PM CET 1-01? Rose? repeat?
ATV World
Sunday 11:20PM 1-04 Aliens of London pt 1 of 2
Doctor Who starts a little earlier this week. Don't miss the
HUNGARY (airing as Ki Vagi, Doki?):
Cool TV
Saturday 7PM CET 1-03 The Unquiet Dead
Sunday 7PM & 2:05AM CET 1-04 Aliens of London pt 1 of 2
17 March 9 & 11PM EST/PST 1-01/1-02 {s{Rose}]/The End Of The World (Series Premiere, Two Hour Movie Version!)
19 March 11:30PM EST/PST 1-01/1-02 {s{Rose}]/The End Of The World (Movie Version, repeat)
24 March 8PM EST/PST 1-02 The End Of The World (special repeat)
24 March 9PM & Midnight EST/PST 1-03 The Unquiet Dead
26 March 12:30AM EST/PST 1-03 The Unquiet Dead
31 March 9PM & Midnight EST/PST 1-04 Aliens of London pt 1 of 2
2 April 11PM EDT/PDT 1-04 Aliens of London pt 1 of 2
7 April 9PM & Midnight EDT/PDT 1-05 World War Three pt 2 of 2
9 April 11PM EDT/PDT 1-05 World War Three pt 2 of 2
14 April 9PM & Midnight EDT/PDT 1-06 Dalek
16 April 11PM EDT/PDT 1-06 Dalek
21 April 9PM & Midnight EDT/PDT 1-07 The Long Game
23 April 11PM EDT/PDT 1-07 The Long Game
28 April 9PM & Midnight EDT/PDT 1-08 Father's Day
30 April 11PM EDT/PDT 1-08 Father's Day
UK Repeats:
All shows 1 hour later on UKTV Gold + 1
14:9 Cropped Letterbox.
8 April 11AM-5PM New Series Weekend - Episodes 1 through 6
9 April 11AM-6PM New Series Weekend - Episodes 7 through 13

Postponed from 18 and 19 March, probably based on speculation on the premiere date for series 2 in the UK.
Thomsonfly Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways,
British Midland Airlines, British Airways, Air New Zealand - various
BBC Online
Shada - starring Paul McGann and Lalla Ward. 6 episodes. A retired
Time Lord in Cambridge needs the Doctor's help to recover a Time
Lord book before the scientist Skagra can find it.
"The Scream Of The Shalka" - starring Richard E. Grant. 6 episode
story. The Shalka prepare to conquer the Earth from below. Can the
Doctor be convinced to save the day one last time?
"Real Time" - starring Colin Baker and the Cybermen. 6 episodes. The
Doctor and Evelyn Smythe research a temple that has been yanking
scientists out of time, bringing them face to face with the future
of the Cybermen.
(All times 1 hour later on UKTV Gold + 1)
Saturday 6-9AM GMT The Mind of Evil movie
Season 8, Episodes 5 through 10. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
Sunday 7-9AM GMT The Claws of Axos movie
Season 8, Episodes 11 through 14. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
18 March 6-9AM GMT Colony In Space
19 March 6:35-9AM GMT The Dæmons
25 March 7-9AM GMT The Curse of Peladon
26 March 6-9AM BST The Sea Devils
1 April 6-9AM BST The Mutants
2 April 6:10-9AM BST The Time Monster
8 April 7-9AM BST The Three Doctors
8 & 9 April Doctor Who 2005 Series 1 Weekend - See New Series Section Above
9 April 7-9AM BST Carnival Of Monsters
15 April 6-8:45AM BST Frontier In Space
16 April 6-9AM BST The Green Death
22 April 7:10-9AM BST The Time Warrior
23 April 6-9AM BST Invasion of the Dinosaurs
29 April 6:10-9AM BST The Monster of Peladon
30 April 6:10-9AM BST Planet of the Spiders
On Demand Channel C1
All 13 Series 1 (2005) episodes - cropped to 4:3
The Three Doctors - all 4 episodes
The Deadly Assassin - all 4 episodes
The Caves of Androzani - all 4 episodes
Timelash - 4 part version, all 4 episodes
The Curse of Fenric - all 4 episodes
First Great Western Railway (Volo TV)
Episodes unknown.
BBC Kids
Weeknights 2 & 5AM EST (11PM & 2AM PST) - 2 episodes daily
Weekends 2AM EST (11PM PST) - complete stories
Wednesday Planet of the Spiders pts 5+6 of 6
Season 11, Episodes 25 through 26. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
Thursday Castrovalva pts 1+2 of 4
Friday Castrovalva pts 3+4 of 4

Season 19, Episodes 1 through 4. Doctor: Peter Davison.
Saturday Robot all 4 pts
Season 12, Episodes 1 through 4. Doctor: Tom Baker.
Sunday The Ark In Space all 4 pts
Season 12, Episodes 5 through 8. Doctor: Tom Baker.
Monday Four To Doomsday pts 1+2 of 4
Tuesday Four To Doomsday pts 3+4 of 4

Season 19, Episodes 5 through 8. Doctor: Peter Davison.
15 March Kinda
16 March pre-empted, long movie
18 March The Sontaran Experiment
19 March Revenge of the Cybermen
20 March The Visitation
22 March Black Orchid
23 March Time-Flight
25 March Terror of the Zygons
26 March Planet of Evil
27 March Arc of Infinity
29 March Snakedance
31 March Mawdryn Undead
1 April pre-empted, Daylight Savings Time
2 April Pyramids of Mars
American Who (alternate
Current episode - Barry Letts discusses his friend Robert Sloman
(recently deceased) and gives his views on the 2005 Series of Doctor
Who. Dan Harris discusses Gary Downie (recently decased).
Upcoming episodes
March - Lalla Ward (expected online this week)
April - Patrick Troughton tribute (repeat)
May - Jon Pertwee tribute (repeat)
Sci-Fi Overdrive
on Lifestyle Talk Radio (LTR)
and Business Talk Radio (BTR)
LTR Late Friday Midnight-2AM EST (9-11PM PST, 5-7AM GMT, 4-6PM AEDT)
Live LTR Stream
BTR Late Sun/Early Mon 1-4AM EST (10PM-1AM PST, 6-9AM GMT, 3-6PM
Live BTR Stream
Monday 7-10PM EST (12-3AM GMT)
Saturday 8-11PM EST (5-8PM PST) (repeat of
previous week's episode, online audio stream)
Hour 1 - News & Comment. Hour 2 - Thomas Vitale of Sci-Fi Channel on
upcoming programming. Segment 1 (13 minutes) - Sci-Fi's launch of
Doctor Who. Hour 3 - repeat of previous week's hour 2, which
included an interview with Dave Howe of Howe's Who and Telos
March 17 - (TENTATIVE!) - Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith in Doctor Who)
in hour 2 of the show.
Doctor Who: Podshock
Weekly chat show with US and UK Doctor Who fans done in podcast
MPT Maryland
analog 22, 67, 31, 28, 62, 36
digital 22-2 (42-2), 67-2 (29-2), 31-2 (44-2), 28-2 (56-2), 62-2 (28-2), 36-2 (54-2)
DC/Hagerstown, Baltimore DirecTV 22,980
Baltimore Dish 22,8736
Late Saturday Midnight-2:30AM EST Colony In Space movie
Season 8, Episodes 15 through 20. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
Time approximate after pledge specials. Allow extra time.
18 March The Dæmons
25 March The Curse of Peladon
1 April The Sea Devils?
analog 11, 32, 27, 12, 21, 24, 32, 36, 36
digital 11-2 (50-2), 32-2 (35-2), 27-2 (28-2), 12-2 (45-2), 25, 18,
33, 35, 34
Des Moines DirecTV 11,474
Des Moines Dish 11,9116
Cedar Rapids DirecTV 12
Cedar Rapids Dish 12,9161
Omaha DirecTV 32
Omaha Dish 32,9146
Sioux City Dish 27,7195
Quad Cities DirecTV 36
Quad Cities Dish 36,7607
Saturday 11PM-1AM CST The Five Doctors Special Edition 1995 remix of 20th anniversary story
Season 20, Episode 23. Doctor: Peter Davison.
IPTV's pledge night for Doctor Who. When you pledge, you vote on who the next Doctor will be on IPTV's schedule. The winner gets the Doctor Who timeslot on April 8. You can pledge at .
18 March Midnight Delta and the Bannermen pt 2
25 March 11:35PM Delta and the Bannermen pt 3
25 March Midnight Dragonfire pt 1
1 April 11:35PM Dragonfire pts 2+3
8 April "Winner of Pledge Night voting takes the time slot."

» the following week reported that the channel ran out of time and the end of The Five Doctors wasn't broadcast until then!
Not Yet Airing New Series Or Between Seasons:
Doctor Who premiere 2006. Channel launches 1 April 2006.
Nederland 3 --
Doctor Who premiere 2006.
Doctor Who premiere TBA.
ProSieben (Pro 7)
Doctor Who premiere 2006. Series 1 & 2 purchased. Dubbed in German.
Doctor Who premiere TBA.
Danmarks Radio
Doctor Who premiere TBA.
JAPAN - broadcaster TBA.
BBC Prime
FAQ page says they will probably get Series 1 in the future, after it has aired on other networks in the countries BBC Prime services
Series 1 completed.
The Christmas Invasion and Series 2 to air in 2006.
Prime TV
The Christmas Invasion and Series 2 to air in 2006 (June/July start?)
16:9 Widescreen Digital,14:9 Cropped Letterbox Analogue
Primary broadcaster of Doctor Who. Series Two Saturdays 7PM (start
date TBA)
"Doctor Who Friday" - CBBC magazine show to air with Series Two.
BBC Three
Doctor Who Confidential
Sole broadcaster of Doctor Who Confidential (immediately after BBC
One Series 2 broadcasts, other repeats)
Time-shifted broadcasts of Series 2 (same weekends as BBC One)
First broadcaster of Torchwood (coming later this year)
Programming service for UK military. Episodes air shortly after UK
Series 2 Start Date TBA.
"The Planet Of The Doctor" exclusive CBC.CA documentary. 6 regular
episodes and 1 special. Approximately 90 minutes.
Series One completed. Series 2 Purchased!
France 4
Series One completed.
Series One completed.
Yes Stars
Series One completed on Yes Weekend. Channel renamed since.
BELGIUM (& The Netherlands):
één Network
Series One completed.
Spring "Doctor Who Series Two" 13 episodes
Later this year "Torchwood" 13 episodes
Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.
Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2006.