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Friday 12th August 2005

TWIDW: BBC Kids Doctor Who Time Change!!!
(posted 12th Aug 2005, 1:48pm - TWIDW post #0332)
BBC Kids' advance online schedule shows a promotion for Doctor Who in the lineup effective Monday 29 August.
On weeknights, Doctor Who will now air *twice* - Midnight and 5AM
EDT, replacing the previous 2AM EDT only broadcast. 2 episodes per
day as before. First story in the new time periods - Snakedance.
On weekends, Doctor Who will continue being shown in complete stories
one time at 2AM EDT.
With this change, the weeknight showings will be easier for Canadian
viewers to tune in and watch. Not easy, but the best it has been
since at least 2003.
For the various Canadian time zones:
Weeknights 1:30AM & 6:30AM (2 episodes), Weekends 3:30AM (complete
Atlantic (ADT or AST):
Weeknights 1AM & 6AM (2 episodes), Weekends 3AM (complete stories)
Eastern (EDT or EST):
Weeknights Midnight & 5AM (2 episodes), Weekends 2AM (complete
Central (CDT or CST):
Weeknights 11PM & 4AM (2 episodes), Weekends 1AM (complete stories)
Mountain (MDT or MST):
Weeknights 10PM & 3AM (2 episodes), Weekends Midnight (complete
Pacific (PDT or PST):
Weeknights 9PM & 2AM (2 episodes), Weekends 11PM (complete stories)
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