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Tuesday 2nd August 2005

This Week In Doctor Who - August 2/3, 2005
(posted 2nd Aug 2005, 10:59am - TWIDW post #0329)
August 2/3, 2005 - Vol 8, No 31
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide.
by Benjamin F. Elliott
Wednesday 3 August:
BBC Three 8:15PM - Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down: TARDIS Tales
Thursday 4 August:
Prime TV New Zealand - 7:30PM - Doctor Who: World War Three
Friday 5 August:
BBC Three - 9PM - Doctor Who: The Unquiet Dead (repeat)
BBC Three - 9:45PM - Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down: TARDIS Tales
Saturday 6 August:
BBC Three - 7:05PM - Doctor Who Confidential: TARDIS Tales (repeat)
ABC Australia - 7:30PM - Doctor Who: Bad Wolf
Sunday 7 August:
BBC Three 7PM - Doctor Who: Aliens Of London (repeat)
CBC - 7PM - Doctor Who: Father's Day (repeat)
BBC Three 7:45PM - Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down: I Get A Side-
Kick Out Of You (repeat)
TWIDW is a little early this week due to my travel schedule. Next
week it goes out on regular day Wednesday August 10.
BBC7 begins its season of Big Finish
Doctor Who stories this Saturday with part 1 of "Storm Warning", a
2001 drama featuring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor. On digital radio
and TV in the UK. If you want to listen everywhere else, remember:
6:30PM BST = 1:30PM EDT, 10:30AM PDT, 7:30PM CET (adjust for local
12:30AM BST = 7:30PM EDT, 4:30PM PDT, 1:30AM CET
Episodes will be available for 1 week after broadcast through BBC7's
listen alive feature (RealPlayer or equivalent "alternative" version
The BBC Press Office and C21 Media often announce when a Doctor Who
international sale occurs. Worth keeping an eye on, just in case.
Corrections and updates are welcome at thisweekindoctorwho- , TWIDW on AOL IM , and thebfe on Yahoo
Messenger. The listings:
New Series General Information:
BBC Online
Doctor Who Confidential
The 13 episodes from the BBC Three series all online via Real
Player. Also, numerous video diaries and trailers.
Saturday 7:30PM Doctor Who 1-12 Bad Wolf pt 1 of 2
16:9 Widescreen Digital; 14:9 Cropped Letterbox Analogue
13 August - 1-13 The Parting of the Ways pt 2 of 2
Prime TV
Thursday 7:30PM Doctor Who 1-05 World War Three pt 2 of 2
4:3 Cropped Fullscreen
11 August - 1-06 Dalek
Sunday 7PM (7:30PM Newfoundland) Doctor Who 1-08 Father's Day
16:9 Widescreen Digital, 16:9 Letterbox Analog
14 August - 1-09 The Empty Child pt 1 of 2
21 August - 1-10 The Doctor Dances pt 2 of 2
28 August - 1-11 Boom Town
4 September - 1-12 Bad Wolf pt 1 of 2
11 September - 1-13 The Parting of the Ways pt 2 of 2
"The Planet Of The Doctor" exclusive CBC.CA documentary. 6 regular
episodes and 1 special. Approximately 90 minutes.
BBC Three
Doctor Who Confidential
Wednesday 8:15PM Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down 1-03 TARDIS Tales
Friday 9PM Doctor Who 1-03 The Unquiet Dead
Friday 9:45PM Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down 1-03 TARDIS Tales
Saturday 7:05PM Doctor Who Confidential (full version) 1-03 "TARDIS
Sunday 7PM Doctor Who 1-04 Aliens of London
Sunday 7:45PM Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down 1-04 "I Get A Side-
Kick Out Of You"
16:9 Widescreen
12 August - 1-04 Aliens of London pt 1 of 2
14 August - 1-05 World War Three pt 2 of 2
21 August - 1-06 Dalek
28 August - 1-07 The Long Game
4 September - 1-08 Father's Day
11 September - 1-09 The Empty Child pt 1 of 2
18 September - 1-10 The Doctor Dances pt 2 of 2
25 September - 1-11 Boom Town
2 October - 1-12 Bad Wolf pt 1 of 2
9 October - 1-13 The Parting of the Ways pt 2 of 2
Thomsonfly Airlines
Rose on all in-flight movie systems
Virgin Atlantic Airways
The End Of The World on V-Hot channel. Cropped to 4:3 aspect
ratio. Next Episode caption removed. Otherwise unedited.
British Midland Airlines
Episode unknown.
British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand - supposed to
be showing the series on their flights starting in June
Big Finish Doctor Who
Saturday 6:30PM & 12:30AM BST "Storm Warning" pt 1 of 4
Big Finish Story 16. CD release 2001. Radio premiere.
First of Big Finish's full cast audios starring Paul McGann as the
8th Doctor and India Fisher as Charley Pollard. Edited to fit time
slot. An act of mercy protecting a ship from Vortisores accidentally
sends one to Earth in 1930, on the night the airship R-101 launches.
The R-101's maiden voyage was mysterious and a failure - everyone
died. Now the Doctor is stuck on board.
3 September "Sword Of Orion"
1 October "The Stones Of Venice"
29 October "Invaders From Mars"
BBC Online
"Real Time" - starring Colin Baker and the Cybermen. 6 episodes. The
Doctor and Evelyn Smythe research a temple that has been yanking
scientists out of time, bringing them face to face with the future
of the Cybermen.
Shada - starring Paul McGann and Lalla Ward. 6 episodes. A retired
Time Lord in Cambridge needs the Doctor's help to recover a Time
Lord book before the scientist Skagra can find it.
"The Scream Of The Shalka" - starring Richard E. Grant. 6 episode
story. The Shalka prepare to conquer the Earth from below. Can the
Doctor be convinced to save the day one last time?
(All times 1 hour later on UKTV Gold + 1)
Saturday 7-9AM BST The Trial Of A Time Lord movie, pt 3 of 4 (Terror Of The Vervoids)
Season 23, Episodes 9 through 12. Doctor: Colin Baker. The Doctor's defense involves a case in his future, when he and future companion Mel will get involved in the voyage of the Hyperion III to Earth. When the case plays out, the Doctor gets the terrible feeling that the future isn't what it used to will be.
Sunday 7-8:05AM BST The Trial Of A Time Lord movie, pt 4 of 4 (The Ultimate Foe)
Season 23, Episodes 13 through 14. Doctor: Colin Baker. A surprise witness (Anthony Ainley) brings the trial to a halt with shocking information that will rock the Doctor and Gallifrey to their cores. First writer Robert Holmes died while working on these episodes. Second writer Eric Saward departed the series before he could finish. Final adventure in the Colin Baker era.
13 August Time and the Rani (7:05AM)
14 August Paradise Towers (7AM)
20 August Delta and the Bannermen (6:55AM)
21 August Dragonfire (6:55AM)
?27 August The Happiness Patrol (6:55AM)
?28 August Silver Nemesis (7AM)
3 September The Happiness Patrol (8AM)
4 September Silver Nemesis (8AM)
10 September The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (7AM)
11 September Battlefield (7AM)
17 September Ghost Light (7AM)
18 September The Curse of Fenric (7AM)
24 September Survival (7AM)
24 September Carnival of Monsters (documentary) (8:25AM)
24 September Adventures in Space and Time (documentary) (9:05AM)
25 September Four To Doomsday (7AM)
23 October "2005 Doctor Who Series Reaches UKTV Gold"
First Great Western Railway (Volo TV)
Episodes unknown.
Wednesday 3 August 6:03PM Logopolis pt 1 of 4
Thursday 6:03PM Logopolis pt 2 of 4
Monday 6:03PM Logopolis pt 3 of 4
Tuesday 6:03PM Logopolis pt 4 of 4

Season 18, Episodes 25 through 28. Doctor: Tom Baker.
The Doctor learns that the Master is stalking him, death may be stalking him, an angry air stewardess may be stalking him, and that the most important mathematics planet in the universe operates on a computer operating system from 1981 Earth.
Wednesday 10 August 6:04PM Castrovalva pt 1 of 4
Season 19, Episode 1. Doctor: Peter Davison.
A regeneration leaves the Doctor confused and in further danger from the Master. Tegan and Nyssa must help him recover his senses. Adric has other problems.
13 August The Parting of the Ways pt 2 of 2 (see new series)
17 August Four To Doomsday
BBC Kids
Daily 2AM EDT (11PM PDT) - 2 episodes weekdays, full stories weekends
Wednesday Warriors' Gate pts 3+4 of 4
Season 18, Episodes 19 through 20. Doctor: Tom Baker.
The gateway is in danger. Tharill tech support advises doing nothing.
Thursday The Keeper of Traken pts 1+2 of 4
Friday The Keeper of Traken pts 3+4 of 4
Saturday The Keeper of Traken all 4 pts

Season 18, Episodes 21 through 24. Doctor: Tom Baker.
It's a tale of a love triangle. Kassia loves Tremas, future Keeper Of Traken. Kassia also loves the Melkur, a being of evil who wants to be Keeper Of Traken. Sorrow and sadness face Kassia, Tremas, and the Melkur.
Sunday Logopolis all 4 pts
Monday Logopolis pts 1+2 of 4
Tuesday Logopolis pts 3+4 of 4

Season 18, Episodes 25 through 28. Doctor: Tom Baker.
See ABC Australia for story details.
10 August Castrovalva
12 August Four To Doomsday
13 August Castrovalva (weekend)
14 August Four To Doomsday (weekend)
16 August Kinda
18 August The Visitation
20 August Kinda (weekend)
21 August The Visitation (weekend)
American Who (alternate
Current Episode:
Noel Clarke (Mickey) is the first new series character to appear on
American Who.
Sci-Fi Overdrive
on Lifestyle Talk Radio (LTR)
and Business Talk Radio (BTR)
LTR Late Friday Midnight-2AM EDT (9-11PM PDT, 5-7AM BST, 2-4PM AEST)
Live LTR Stream
BTR Late Sun/Early Mon 1-4AM EDT (10PM-1AM PDT, 6-9AM BST, 3-5PM
Live BTR Stream
Saturday 8-11PM EDT (5-8PM PDT) (repeat of
previous week's episode, online audio stream)
Hour 1 - News & Comment. Hour 2 - guests. Hour 3 - BTR only. Encore
MPT Maryland
analog 22, 67, 31, 28, 62, 36
digital 22-2 (42-2), 67-2 (29-2), 31-2 (44-2), 28-2 (56-2), 62-2 (28-2), 36-2 (54-2)
DC/Hagerstown, Baltimore DirecTV 22,980
Baltimore Dish 22,8736
Late Saturday Midnight-2:20AM EDT The Mind of Evil movie
Season 8, Episodes 5 through 10. Doctor: Jon Pertwee
Black & white version, as the color version is missing - presumed lost forever. A dangerous machine intended to cure criminals of their psychoses seems to be developing psychoses of its own. A peace conference is threatening to break out in war. An old "friend" has his eyes set on a nuclear missile to steal. Just another day at the office for the U*N*I*T family.
13 August The Claws of Axos
20 August Colony In Space
27 August The Dæmons
analog 11, 32, 27, 12, 21, 24, 32, 36, 36
digital 11-2 (50-2), 32-2 (35-2), 27-2 (28-2), 45, 25, 18, 33, 35, 34
Des Moines DirecTV 11,474
Des Moines Dish 11,9116
Cedar Rapids DirecTV 12
Cedar Rapids Dish 12,9161
Omaha DirecTV 32
Omaha Dish 32,9146
Sioux City Dish 27,7195
Quad Cities DirecTV 36
Quad Cities Dish 36,7607 (not yet available)
Saturday 11:35PM CDT The Caves of Androzani pts 1+2 of 4
Season 21, Episodes 17 through 18. Doctor: Peter Davison.
When visiting a mysterious world, always be careful not to touch the bat droppings unless you know they are harmless. Alas, the Doctor and Peri fail to listen ...
13 August The Caves of Androzani pts 3+4
20 August pre-empted
27 August The Twin Dilemma pts 1+2
Not Yet Airing New Series Or Between Seasons:
Nederland 3
Doctor Who premiere 2006?
Doctor Who premiere TBA.
Doctor Who premiere TBA.
Doctor Who premiere 2006? Thursday 8PM?
DENMARK: Broadcaster TBA.
Next Episode TBA. Season 2 premiere TBA.
16:9 Widescreen Digital,14:9 Cropped Letterbox Analogue
Series 1 completed. Next airdate unknown.
Series 1 completed. Next airdate unknown.
Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.
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