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Sunday 17th July 2005

TWIDW Update - Trains, Planes, And A Hungarian Broadcaster
(posted 17th Jul 2005, 3:18am - TWIDW post #0323)
Over the last couple of days new Doctor Who broadcasters have come to
1) Hungary - RTLKlub
We already knew that a broadcaster in Hungary had purchased the
series - we now have a name. The name of the broadcaster in Denmark
that bought the series is still unknown.
2) British Midland Airline - episode unknown
Another airline to add to the list. This was spotted on a flight from
Dulles Airport to Manchester. The flight arrived early so they did not
get to Doctor Who, so we do not know which episode is airing right now.
3) First Great Western Railway (Volo TV) -
Volo TV on the First Great Western Railway in the UK is now offering a
lot of TV programs to view. Most of the programs (The Prisoner, The
Persuaders, etc) are several decades old, so it is possible that they
will be offering older Doctor Who episodes instead of the 2005 series.
We just don't know.
4) Telewest Broadband
Telewest Broadband is rolling out a video on demand service to their
cable subscribers. It will allow viewers to see recent UK TV shows,
allegedly including Doctor Who. It is coming out this month. If you
have Telewest Broadband check when this rolls out in your area and
let's verify what is happening.
Benjamin Elliott