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Thursday 2nd June 2005

TWIDW Update: BBC7 Airing The Paradise Of Death This Week
(posted 2nd Jun 2005, 3:00pm - TWIDW post #0312)
The week I don't check BBC7's schedule ...
Doctor Who - The Paradise Of Death
1993 radio drama starring Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, and Nicholas
Courtney. 5 episodes long. Episodes are 30 minutes long.
The first of 2 radio Doctor Who stories Jon Pertwee did in the 1990s.
It's aired on BBC7 a number of times, but if you've missed it ...
Part 4 of 5 is airing today. It's nearly over.
Thankfully BBC7 has a listen again feature, so if you want to hear
the whole story, you just need some version of RealPlayer (one of
those Alternative versions without the spyware will also work).
BBC7's live audio streams and listen again programs can be heard
Part 1 (still available until Monday 6 June):
6PM airing
12AM airing
Part 2 (still available until Tuesday 7 June):
6PM airing
12AM airing
Part 3 (still available until Wednesday 8 June):
6PM airing
12AM airing
Part 4 - Thursday 6PM & Midnight BST (UK Time, adjust for your time
zone) - use the Windows Media Player or Realplayer links on BBC7
website if outside the UK
(available online from Friday 3 June until Thursday 9 June):
6PM airing
12AM airing
Part 5 - Friday 6PM & Midnight BST (same as Thursday)
(available online from Saturday 4 June until Friday 10 June):
6PM airing
12AM airing
No Doctor Who on BBC7 next week.
Benjamin F. Elliott