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Saturday 21st May 2005

TWIDW Update: TV2 Finland and KBS South Korea Buy Series!
(posted 21st May 2005, 11:06am - TWIDW post #0307)
Two more international broadcasters have bought Doctor Who. Information is sadly sketchy, as the BBC didn't announce it themselves. There have probably been more international sales, and it appears we may have to dig for them ourselves.
Kristopher Lawson found that TV2 in Finland had bought the series. TV2 airs English language programming in English with subtitles - no dubbing.­et/uutiset/pop_p7.html (Not sure if this link will be kept stable)

"BBC:n Doctor Who TV2:lle

Yle on hankkinut BBC:lt? aikanaan kulttiohjelmaksi nousseen nuorten sci-fi-sarja Doctor Whon. BBC on tuottanut sarjasta n?ytt?v?n uuden version, joka n?hd??n TV2:lla."


"BBC's Doctor Who on TV2

Yle has purchased the rights to Doctor Who, the cult youth sci-fi series, from the BBC. The BBC has produced an impressive new version which will be shown on TV2."

TV2's website - - no English translation. No sign of a series premiere yet from my attempts to read the site.
2) South Korea!!!
Outpost Gallifrey has the following announcement:

"South Korea is the latest country to pick up the series. South Korean public TV station KBS (equivalent to BBC) is going to broadcast the new Doctor Who series from the 5th of June, every Saturday at 11.15 pm. No further details as yet."

That would probably be Saturday the 4th, which would make KBS the 4th major broadcaster behind the BBC, CBC, and ABC.

KBS Website - (in Korean, may try to download Korean symbols to your computer) KBS Website in English - (may still try to download Korean symbols to your computer if you don't already have them)

KBS seems to have several TV channels. On the Korean language website I have been able to identify 1 English language show on 2TV (Lost, airing several times a week). On the English language site the TV schedules aren't included.
The list of known Doctor Who broadcasters is now:
UK - BBC One, BBC Three
Canada - CBC
Australia - ABC
South Korea - KBS (one of the channels)
Finland - TV2
New Zealand - Prime TV
Italy - Canal Jimmy
Netherlands - Nederland 3
and the episode Rose on Thomsonfly Airlines
If it has been sold to your country and is not yet on this list, please alert at .

Congratulations, Finland and South Korea.

Benjamin F. Elliott