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Friday 8th April 2005

TWIDW Update: Canadian Ratings - Doctor Who #2 In Time Slot!
(posted 8th Apr 2005, 11:00am - TWIDW post #0295)
The Doctor Who Information Network has the
following report in their Blog on
Doctor Who's ratings:
April 07, 2005
The premiere of Doctor Who destroyed in the ratings on April the
5th. Doctor Who did extremely well on the CBC with over 989 000
viewers. Compared to the 9.9 million in UK this number might seem
small...but for Canadian television numbers, and for the CBC this is
HUGE, and exactly where we wanted the show to come in at.
Doctor Who did not win the evenings rating's war across the did, however, win for the network. Four shows on other
major Canadian networks beat Doctor Who. They were American Idol (2
508 000) which was in the same time slot, The Amazing Race (3 140
000), LAW AND ORDER:SVU (1 294 000) and CTV National News (1 428
000). Three of those shows are big US productions, with an
established following while the news is...THE NEWS! :)
Put it another way Doctor Who DESTROYED House, Judging Amy, CBC's
News, Jag, The Outer Limits, Blue Jays baseball, and a host of other
programs in and around that time slot.
So this fan is very happy indeed, and I'm sure the CBC is as well.
Doctor Who won CBC's night, and reportedly did more than double what
programming that slot normally gets on a Tuesday evening. On any day
989 000+ viewing the CBC is amazing... I can only think of Hockey
getting better numbers than Doctor Who. And this number only
reflects what the industry can I'm sure the numbers are
even higher here in Canada, as well as in the UK.
It's this fan's opinion that Doctor Who will have a nice run on the
Mother Corp, and that we'll be seeing Series two on the Ceeb before
too long.
Congratulations to Canadian Doctor Who fans. Note: US viewers do not
count towards the Canadian ratings results, so if you saw it in the
US you were in addition to these viewers.
Benjamin F. Elliott