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Saturday 22nd January 2005

TWIDW Update: Detailed WCET Statement
(posted 22nd Jan 2005, 2:11pm - TWIDW post #0274)
WCET 48 Cincinnati, OH sent out a more detailed statement on Friday to Doctor Who fans regarding the imminent departure of the series from their schedule.
Hi, my name is Brian Snape. I work for CET and I'd like to speak on behalf of CET regarding the sudden departure of Doctor Who from our air.

Sadly, it is true. This Saturday, January 22nd, is the final broadcast of Doctor Who on our air. Starting February 12th, we will begin airing Doctor Who at 11pm.

As for the reason why: the BBC is eager to sell the new series with Christopher Eccleston here in the United States and is not renewing contract with PBS stations at this time. The official word from our contact at the BBC states:

Unfortunately, we won't be able to proceed with a renewal of Doctor Who at this time. The new series of Doctor Who is currently being shopped around to various commercial broadcasters. For this reason, we have been asked not to make any syndication agreements on this title until further notice. I'm sorry if this has caused you inconvenience. Our sales department has been under strong pressure to get this new, glossy series highly placed. Unfortunately, this was a commercial strategy decision,and we do not have enough of an existing PBS user base to bid against cable or the commercial giants, some of which are taking the new series in consideration. Thank you for understanding.

I'm writing this email to stress that this is not a decision that CET made. It is being enforced at other PBS stations around the country that show Doctor Who and our hands are tied. And speaking personally as a Whovian who has watched Doctor Who since it premiered on CET May 4th, 1985, I'm extremely disappointed that it had to come down to this.

We appreciate the help and support you've given to CET through the years and we hope we can continue to work with you in future.

Thank you.

Brian R. Snape
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