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Monday 16th February 2004

TWIDW Update: No More Doctor Who Webcasts For A While
(posted 16th Feb 2004, 12:38pm - TWIDW post #0208)
The BBC's Doctor Who website has
announced that there will not be any further Doctor Who webcasts for the
time being. In the past few years they have made 4 full length online Doctor
Who productions.
Death Comes To Time - 7th Doctor (not currently online)
Real Time - 6th Doctor
Shada - 8th Doctor (not currently online)
The Scream Of The Shalka - Richard E Grant in what was called at the time BBCi's official 9th Doctor
Here's their story:
No more webcasts
Shada is last webcast - for a while.
Developments in the production of the TV series have had a knock-on effect for BBCi, and we've been asked to postpone developing future Doctor Who webcasts for the moment. Initially, the people behind the new series were keen for the animated adventures to continue in the run-up to the Doctor's return to TV, but recent developments have made that impossible. The reasons for this are all Very Good, one of them is Terribly Exciting... and we hope they'll become apparent in the next few weeks.
Scream of the Shalka was a tremendous success and we'd love to do more
webcasts - when the time is right, but sadly that's not right now.
This may not be quite the last you read of the Richard E Grant Doctor -
discussions are currently under way to publish an ebook that will tie up all
the loose ends (Why is the Doctor so troubled? Who is he working for? Is
that really the Master?). We're still waiting confirmation from The Powers
That Be that this can go ahead, however.
In the meantime, thanks to everyone who looked at Scream of the Shalka - and
for your comments on it (both good and bad) - they'll be a huge help to us
in future projects. More Doctor Who webcasts are planned - but not for a