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Wednesday 30th October 2002

This Week In Doctor Who - October 30, 2002
(posted 30th Oct 2002, 12:40pm - TWIDW post #0126)
THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - October 30, 2002
by Benjamin F. Elliott
Vol 5, No 44
Welcome to the weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts around the world.
UK fans - a reminder. The 1996 Doctor Who movie is airing on the UK Sci-Fi Channel at 8PM Saturday and 2PM Sunday. It might be the edited for UK VHS release version which BBC 1 and UK Gold have aired, where some of the violence is cut out and the words "Based on the TV series by the BBC" are excised. Or it could be the complete version - it'll be interesting to find out. BBC 2 aired the complete version in 1999, and the UK DVD has the complete version. I do not know if there are still variations between the cable and satellite versions of this channel, but the movie will be on both.
South African fans - based on the website for the UK Sci-Fi Channel, they are linked to the Sci-Fi Channel in your country. So it is within the realms of possibility that the Doctor Who movie might pop up on your channel down the road. No sign of it in November, and no way to be sure, but it is possible.
Cincinnati, OH - As mentioned in last week's column, WCET had a special prime-time pledge drive for Doctor Who last Saturday to determine if they would keep the show on the air. They were airing The Five Doctors Special Edition. If anyone was planning to pledge for the show and forgot for some reason, you can always visit and pledge online. I haven't heard any results of the pledge night, but hopefully Who did well.
Iowa Public TV has announced plans to have a special pledge night for its sci-fi programming on December 7th. Only the sci-fi programming will be pledged. Red Dwarf is already renewed for 2003-2004. In an interesting twist, they are handling other sci-fi shows (including Doctor Who) the way the show Survivor handles contestants. When people pledge on December 7th, they'll be asked to vote for a sci-fi program (Doctor Who, The Prisoner, sci-fi movies). Be warned. You are voting for the show that you want IPTV not to air in 2003-2004. More details at the fan site .
KTEH/KCAH 54,25 San Jose/Watsonville, CA is having its own prime-time Doctor Who night on Sunday, November 24th, with selected Tom Baker episodes. If more Doctor Who pledge drives pop up in the next few weeks, TWIDW will keep you apprised of them.
WQED/WQEX 13,16 Pittsburgh, PA did air part 4 of Snakedance last weekend afterall.
KBDI/K32EO 12,32 Denver/Colorado Springs, CO made another late scheduling change last week. As of when last week's column went out, KBDI's website indicated that all of The Mark of the Rani would air from 12:30AM to 2:30AM late Friday October 25, with the second half encoring at 11PM on Saturday October 26. Only the first half aired on the Friday night, though the second half did air on Saturday night. The second half of Mark will now air late Friday November 8 at 12:30AM.
WYIN 56 Gary, IN (Chicago, IL) has definitely pulled Doctor Who off its schedule following the conclusion of Planet of Fire on October 26. Doctor Who is not airing on WYIN in November. I have no further information, though it does look like the show has been discontinued on this station.
While I try to keep the column up to date, I do sometimes miss late changes to schedules. If you see TWIDW's information getting out of synch with what your local station is actually airing, let me know ASAP.
Additions and corrections are welcome at , bfelliott@... , bfelliott3 on AOL IM, or thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. And now, the listings:

Real Time - Firstrun Doctor Who Audio Drama. Colin Baker, Cybermen.
6 episode story produced by Big Finish. Illustrations by Lee Sullivan for fans with fast internet connections. Requires version of RealPlayer to see/hear.
Fri 7PM EDT (6PM CDT) Interstellar Transmissions
WWNN AM1470 Pompano Beach/Boca Raton, FL (Miami/West Palm Beach, FL)
WBYU AM1450 New Orleans, LA
Joey Reynolds' weekly radio show for sci-fi news and interviews, broadcast live over the internet on the Interstellar Transmissions website, if it's working again by Friday. Doctor Who news usually discussed during the broadcast. Lalla Ward (Romana) is listed for November 22nd. If WBYU hasn't dropped the show already, they will drop it early next week when they flip to the Radio Disney format. Interstellar Transmissions should continue on WWNN and online.


Sat 8-9:40PM GMT, Sun 2-3:40PM GMT Doctor Who 1996 movie
Sylvester McCoy regenerates into Paul McGann as the Doctor battles the Master one last time. The Master has taken the TARDIS to Earth in hopes of extending his life. The Master's methods could wipe out the Earth on January 1, 2000. And it's already December 31, 1999. Grace Holloway: Daphne Ashbrook. At this time, the UK Sci-Fi Channel only has Doctor Who scheduled for these two airings. It seems that the same people also program the Sci-Fi Channel in South Africa, which at the moment has not scheduled the Doctor Who movie.
UK Gold
Late Fri 1:40-2:35AM, Sat 8-9AM GMT The King's Demons movie
We've all read about the stories of Robin Hood. Robs from the rich. Gives to the poor. Fights the evil Prince John while good King Richard is fighting the Saracens while contending with the 1st Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki. But have you ever considered that John might actually be a nice guy? Ok, well maybe more of a loudmouth jerk who is more incompetent than evil. This is John's story, and the story of his Demons - a Doctor, a Tegan, and a Turlough.
Late Sat 12:25-2:15AM, Sun 7:10-9AM GMT The Five Doctors
Taken out of time, various incarnations of the Doctor team up with companions and villains past and present to find out who is operating the Dark Tower of Gallifrey without permission. This is the original version, so expect black triangles, not white ice cream cones.
ยป it was reported the following week that the story wasn't shown. It was Warriors of the Deep instead.
Video On Demand. Now playing:
Robot all 4 pts
The Ark In Space all 4 pts
The Sontaran Experiment both pts
Sat-Sun 8:30?AM CET "" pts ? - ? of 4
English with a Polish narrator "explaining" the episodes.
BBC Kids
Weeknights 7:30PM, 10:30PM, 2AM, 4AM EST (4:30PM, 7:30PM, 11PM, 1AM PST)
Wed-Fri State of Decay pts 2 - 4 of 4
Vampires, vampire bats, and computers from 1980. Scary.
Late Sat 2AM EST (1AM CST, Mid MST, 11PM PST, 3AM AST, 3:30AM Newfoundland) Terror of the Zygons all 4 pts
Alien body snatchers impersonate people in a village near Loch Ness. Trick or treat.
Late Sun 2AM EST (1AM CST, Mid MST, 11PM PST, 3AM AST, 3:30AM Newfoundland) The Android Invasion all 4 pts
BBC Kids always airs this story out of order for some reason. Some time after the events with the Zygons, the 4th Doctor and Sarah return to England to find the people acting strange and a dead man back on Earth.
Mon-Tue Warriors' Gate pts 1 - 2 of 4
The 4th Doctor, Romana, K9, and Adric may have finally found a way out of E-Space. But like most mystical doorways - not everyone can pass through it. And there's always a Ship of Fools out there causing trouble, distracting you from taking the exit.
NHPTV New Hampshire
analog 11,49,52
digital 57,48,(49) - not on digital schedule yet
Thu 11:30PM, Late Sat Mid EST Vengeance on Varos 4 pt version, pts 3+4
Peri finds herself at the mercy of the "justice" system on Varos, and she may never be the same again. The Governor faces a tough vote, and somebody's going to rig it. Rather like some of the elections here this year, actually.
WCNY/W59AU Syracuse/Utica, NY
analog 24,59
digital (25) - coming this fall
Sun 5:30PM EST Pyramids of Mars pt 1 of 4
Mummies walk and the man in the fez plays a hideous organ - something is rotten in 1911. The 4th Doctor and Sarah must find out the truth, because Mulder and Scully haven't even been born yet.
WSKG Binghamton, NY
analog 46
digital (42) - under construction
Sat 11:30PM EST The Sontaran Experiment pt 1 of 2
WSKG is airing stories in production order, which is why this story is airing before The Ark In Space. The 4th Doctor and company return to Earth to clean things up before humanity returns. Clear some cobwebs, stop an enemy invasion, find a better way to brew tea ...
WQED/WQEX Pittsburgh, PA
analog 13,16
digital 38-1,(26)
DirecTV 13,947 Dish 8136,13
Late Sat Mid EST Mawdryn Undead pt 1 of 4
Years ago, the Doctor humiliated the Black Guardian and saved the Universe. Now, this supposedly all-powerful Guardian feels the petty need for revenge, so he hires a troubled teen, setting of a tale of dopplegangers, good, evil, and old school ties.
WYBE Philadelphia, PA
analog 35
digital (34) - coming November 2002
DirecTV 35,909 Dish 8162,35
Sat 11PM EST The Invasion of Time pts 2+3 of 6
The 4th Doctor becomes President of Gallifrey, and seems to have gone insane. Soon, all of Gallifrey faces invasion by aliens shrouded in evil tin foil. Rather clever, actually - who would look for aliens hidden in dimension-shifting tin-foil. Who would ever dare to issue a warning about aliens hidden in dimension-shifting tin-foil - you'd get laughed out of your security clearance.
MPT Maryland
analog 22,67,28,31,62,36
digital 42,(29),(62),(44),(28),(56) - simulcast of analog begins in 2003
DirecTV 22,980
Late Sat Mid EST The Creature from the Pit movie
Lady Adrasta rules the planet Chloris with hatred and comtempt. This is the story of an egg shell. An egg shell she cracked. And because she cracked it, her entire world faced the possibility of destruction.
WCET Cincinnati, OH
analog 48
digital (34) - under construction
DirecTV 48,909 Dish 8356,48
Sat 11PM EST The King's Demons both pts
See UK Gold for details.
**Removed from schedule.**
WYIN Gary, IN (Chicago, IL)
analog 56
digital (17) - under construction
WYIN does not have Doctor Who on the November schedule. It appears to have been cancelled.
**Removed from schedule.**
WILL Urbana, IL
analog 12
digital (33) - under construction
Sat 11:41PM CST The Ribos Operation pt 4 of 4
The Seeker predicts mass death, as the Graff Vynda-K invades the catacombs searching for the gold and the Jethryk. Who wants to be the last to die for the glorious Graff Vynda-K army?
KAWE/KAWB Bemidji/Brainerd, MN
analog 9,22
digital (18),(28) - under construction
Sat 8PM, Sun 11PM CST The Seeds of Doom pt 4 of 6
Harrison Chase. Plant lover. Maniac. Bad hairdoo. Now he hopes to breed a Krynoid. Why are so many British aristocrats insane?
analog 11,12,21,24,27,32,32,36,36
digital 50-1,(45),(25),(18),(28),(33),(35),(35),(34)
Sat 11:35PM CST The Happiness Patrol pts 1+2 of 3
Come on, come on, get happy. Let's put on a happy face. Come on, come on, get happy. It's time for a big embrace. And even if you won't be happy - your coffin will have a smiley face.
KERA/K44FI Dallas/Wichita Falls, TX
analog 13,44
digital 14-1
DirecTV 13,889 Dish 8406,13
Late Fri 12:20AM CST The Androids of Tara movie
In a homage to The Prisoner of Zenda, the Doctor teams up with forces trying to get the rightful Prince installed as king before the even Count Grendal can kill him, marry the princess, and claim the throne. Dopplegangers, killer androids, swordfights, and a touch of unrequited love highlight this story.
KBDI/K32EO Denver/Colorado Springs, CO
analog 12,32
digital (38) - under construction
DirecTV 12,910 Dish 8211,12
Pre-empted by pledges this week. Doctor Who returns November 8.
KUED/KUES Salt Lake City/Richfield, UT
analog 7,19
digital 42-1,(19)
DirecTV 7,982 Dish 8536,7
Sat 11PM MST Destiny of the Daleks pt 4 of 4
KUED is airing stories in production order, so it'll skip to Nightmare From Eden next week. The Movellans and the Daleks prepare to destroy each other, so the 4th Doctor and Romana lend a hand. But what is Davros planning?
KBTC/KCKA/K65BU 28,15,65 Tacoma/Centralia/Grays River, WA
analog 28,15,65
digital (27),(19) - under construction
DirecTV 12,910 Dish 8620,28
Sat 7PM, Late Sat 12:30AM PST Attack of the Cybermen 4 pt version, pts 3+4
On the planet Telos, various factions plot the death of the Cybermen. Someone needs to succeed - the Cybermen want to use Halley's Comet to wipe out the Earth.
KTEH/KCAH San Jose/Watsonville, CA
analog 54,25
digital (50),(58) - under construction
DirecTV 54,903
Sun 11PM PST Invasion of the Dinosaurs pts 5+6 of 6
Operation Golden Age goes into effect, and all of human history may be whited out. Erased. Eliminated. And otherwise gone.
Sun 11:50PM PST KTEH Interview With Jon Pertwee
Jon Pertwee (1919-1996) chats with KTEH on Doctor Who and other matters.
Sun 9:30PM (8:30PM?), Mon 4:30AM (3:30AM?) "" 1 episode
The 4th Doctor and Leela are in action. English with Spanish subtitles. The Sunday morning airing has been discontinued. Depending on which listings you read, the time may have changed. But they still won't list the actual episodes that are listing on their website.

Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.

Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2002.