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Wednesday 11th September 2002

This Week In Doctor Who - September 11, 2002
(posted 11th Sep 2002, 11:38am - TWIDW post #0118)
THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - September 11, 2002
by Benjamin F. Elliott
Vol 5, No 37
In recent weeks, the Witchblade had its edge cut off by TNT and Farscape was reportedly frelled by Sci-Fi in spite of high ratings by their respective network's standards. The Washington Post joined the list of newspapers where you have to register to read most of their online stories. BBC Prime dropped Doctor Who, taking it away from viewers on 3 continents. It seems like sci-fi fans and people who like easy access to information online are having a rough month.
Well, as a new TV season starts in most of the world, I want to state right now that This Week In Doctor Who is sticking around. I know the temptation to try something new is great. Imagine This Week In She Spies. This Week In Alias. This Week In Water Rats. But no. This Week In Doctor Who will continue as normal, chronicling the up and downs of Doctor Who on TV around the world.
And starting next week, I'm adding a new feature to the column. Each week, I'm going to pick a station that airs Doctor Who, and ask for reader opinion on that station. Memories, thoughts. At the end of the day, nothing is going to be as effective at exposing new viewers to Doctor Who as the TV stations that still air it. We ignore them and let them slip away at our peril, as without new fans the old fandom will inevitably start to die off, making the audios, books, videos/DVDs unprofitable, and causing them to disappear. So, for the next few months, we will give individual attention to every station airing the show that we can. Details in nextt week's column.
While I try to keep the column up to day, I do sometimes miss late changes to schedules. If you see TWIDW's information getting out of synch with what your local station is actually airing, let me know ASAP.
Additions and corrections are welcome at , bfelliott@... , bfelliott3 on AOL IM, or thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. And now, the listings:

Real Time - Firstrun Doctor Who Audio Drama. Colin Baker, Cybermen.
6 episode story produced by Big Finish. Illustrations by Lee Sullivan for fans with fast internet connections. Requires version of RealPlayer to see/hear.
Fri 7PM EDT (6PM CDT) Interstellar Transmissions
WWNN AM1470 Pompano Beach/Boca Raton, FL (Miami/West Palm Beach, FL)
WBYU AM1450 New Orleans, LA
Joey Reynolds' weekly radio show for sci-fi news and interviews, broadcast live over the internet on all 3 websites listed above. Doctor Who news usually discussed during the broadcast. This week - David West Reynolds discusses his new book about the Apollo missions. September 27th - Lars Pearson discusses I, Who 3, his new book covering the novel and audio adventures of the Doctor.


UK Gold
Late Fri 1:15-3AM, Sat 7:10-9AM BST The Keeper of Traken movie
The 4th Doctor and Adric are summoned to Traken to weed out a threat to centuries of peace and harmony. A Melkur is growing in power, corrupting the rulers and endangering the populace. Alas, the Melkur knows the Doctor of old, and has special plans for the Time Lord.
Late Sat 12:15-2:05AM, Sun 7:10-9AM BST Logopolis movie
The Master, an old enemy of the Doctor, stalks him across England and Logopolis, hoping to finish the Doctor off while engaging in yet another scheme to take over the universe. But the 4th Doctor feels something different this time. The Master bites off more than he can chew, and the mess might be more than either he or the Doctor can clean up. Tom Baker's final story as the Doctor.
Video On Demand. Now playing:
Robot all 4 pts
The Ark In Space all 4 pts
The Sontaran Experiment both pts
Sat 8:25?AM CET Genesis of the Daleks pt 5 of 6
Sun 8:35?AM CET Genesis of the Daleks pt 6 of 6
BBC Kids
Weeknights 7:30PM, 10:30PM, 2AM, 4AM EDT (4:30PM, 7:30PM, 11PM, 1AM PDT)
Wed-Thu The Armageddon Factor pts 5 - 6 of 6
Atrios and Zeos are protected from mutual destruction by a slowly deteriorating time loop. Before it collapses, the 4th Doctor and Romana must find the final segment of the Key To Time and convert it. At which point they learn that both the White and Black Guardians must be utter bastards.
Fri Destiny of the Daleks pt 1 of 4
The 4th Doctor and Romana arrive on a planet seeped in radiation, where the Daleks are searching for something.
Late Sat 2AM EDT (1AM CDT, Mid MDT, 11PM PDT, 3AM ADT, 3:30AM Newfoundland) Nightmare of Eden all 4 pts
New story to BBC Kids. A traffic accident in space leaves two ships entwined in each other, with reality beginning to fray at the seams. Not that anyone will notice - a dangerous narcotic is removing reality from the bridge crew much faster. The secrets of the ships, the narcotic, and a device that collects pieces of exotic worlds will befuddle the 4th Doctor and Romana. K9: David Brierly.
Late Sun 2AM EDT (1AM CDT, Mid MDT, 11PM PDT, 3AM ADT, 3:30AM Newfoundland) The Horns of Nimon all 4 pts
New story to BBC Kids. An under-rated classic, though some of the banter will be lost if they still edit for commercials. The Doctor, Romana, and K9 bring grief to the plans of an intergalactic locust who feeds on dying empires to get supplies for an army of parasites. Soldeed: Graham Crowden
Mon-Tue Destiny of the Daleks pts 2 - 3 of 4
The Daleks are searching for Davros, the creator they abandoned so long ago. But they are not alone. The Movellan battle fleet want Davros as well. And neither side is happy to see the other there.
NHPTV New Hampshire 11,49,52
Thu 11:30PM, Late Sat Mid EDT The Five Doctors Special Edition 4 pt version, pts 1+2
I'm a bit puzzled by this one. When was a 4 part version of the Special Edition of 5 Doctors created? It makes sense in a way - most stations now want to air the show in roughly 25 minute episodes. But I've never seen this version offered in 4 episodes before. It's possible that NHPTV just made a mistake, and it's really the 4 part syndication version of the original 5 Doctors. Either way, it's the first half. Enjoy.
WCNY/W59AU 24,59 Syracuse/Utica, NY
Sun 5:30PM EDT Terror of the Zygons pt 2 of 4
Harry Sullivan is in the hospital. The 4th Doctor thinks he may have learned something which could help deal with the alien menace. Unfortunately, the Zygons plan to keep Harry from talking.
WQED/WQEX 13,16 Pittsburgh, PA
DirecTV 13,947 Dish 8136,13
Pre-empted by pledge drives. Again. Next episode (Arc Of Infinity 4) airs September 28.
WYBE 35 Philadelphia, PA
DirecTV 35,909 Dish 8162,35
Sat 11PM EDT The Invisible Enemy pt 4 of 4
The Doctor's brain has been freed, but the Nucleus of the Swarm now plans to launch its army in the macro world, instead of within the mind.
Sat 11:30PM EDT Image of the Fendahl pt 1 of 4
A scientist's invention scans on a frequency that will destroy the world if not stopped. A frequency that awakens a skull millions of years old. A frequency that draws the attention of the Doctor. If he's not too late.
MPT Maryland 22,67,28,31,62,36
DirecTV 22,980
Late Sat Mid EDT The Pirate Planet movie
Douglas Adams' first Doctor Who concerns the 2nd segment of the Key To Time. A rogue planet terrorizes the galaxy, destroying planets, hijacking their space, and looting their natural resources. Now the Doctor must stop the planet before it strikes again.
WCET 48 Cincinnati, OH
DirecTV 48,909 Dish 8356,48
Sat 11PM EDT Mawdryn Undead pts 3+4 of 4
The Brigadier in 1977 and the Brigadier in 1983 work with the TARDIS crew to solve the mystery of Mawdryn, the hard to find TARDIS, and a dangerous teenager. But if the Brigadiers meet - the Blinovitch Limitation Effect will kick in - boom.
WYIN 56 Gary, IN (Chicago, IL)
Sat 11PM CDT Frontios pts 1+2 of 4
There are some places a TARDIS is forbidden to go, places a Time Lord must never visit, for any reason. The TARDIS crashes on one of those places. Now the 5th Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough find themselves doing what must never be done, and making sure no one finds out about it.
WILL 12 Urbana, IL
Sat 11:46PM CDT The Invasion of Time pt 3 of 6
Gallifrey has been invaded, and the Doctor seems to have invited the invaders in. Most of the Time Lords surrender immediately. But Leela and a few other bands won't let things end that easily. The battle to reclaim Gallifrey has begun.
KAWE/KAWB 9,22 Bemidji/Brainerd, MN
Sat 8PM, Sun 11PM CDT The Brain of Morbius pt 1 of 4
Morbius needs a head to complete his evil project. Good news for Morbius - the 4th Doctor's just arrived, and his head is excellent. Dinner could be very dangerous tonight.
TPT 2 St. Paul, MN
digital 16.5 (2.5) DirecTV 2,891 Dish 8576,2
Sat 11:30PM, Sun 5:30AM CDT Logopolis pt 2 of 4
See UK Gold for details.
IPTV Iowa 11,12,21,24,27,32,32,36,36
digital 50
Sat 11:35PM CDT Paradise Towers pts 3+4 of 4
The Grannies reveal their plans for Mel. Pex tries to do something brave. The 7th Doctor faces off against the Chief Caretaker, but the Chief Caretaker is about to discover that there are some things more dangerous than Time Lords.
KERA/K44FI 13,44 Dallas/Wichita Falls, TX
DirecTV 13,889 Dish 8406,13
Late Fri 12:15AM CDT The Sun Makers movie
Stories are airing in production order - Image of the Fendahl airs next week. Humanity now lives on the planet Pluto, slaves of a corporation mining the world for resources. Taxed to the point of absurdity, humanity is fed up, but cowed, thinking that reclaiming control of their lives is impossible. Then the 4th Doctor arrives.
KBDI/K32EO 12,32 Denver/Colorado Springs, CO
DirecTV 12,910 Dish 8211,12
Late Fri 12:30AM MDT The Two Doctors 6 pt version, pts 3+4
Sat 10PM MDT The Two Doctors 6 pt version, pt 5+6

In search of his former self, the 6th Doctor takes Peri and Jamie to Earth, where the 2nd Doctor has found himself to be part of a genetic experiment to augment one race at the cost of others. Meanwhile, the Sontarans hope to gain the secret of time travel.
ยป the following week indicated the episodes weren't shown in the end.
KUED/KUES 7,39 Salt Lake City/Richfield, UT
digital 42 DirecTV 7,982 Dish 8536,7
Sat 11PM MDT City of Death pt 1 of 4
Stories airing in production order. The 4th Doctor and Romana (Lalla Ward) finally take a real vacation, tromping around Paris. Unknown to them, time experiments threaten the city.
KBTC/KCKA/K65BU 28,15,65 Tacoma/Centralia/Grays River, WA
DirecTV 12,910 Dish 8620,28
Sat 7PM, Late Sat 12:30AM PDT Planet of Fire pts 1+2 of 4
On a volcanic planet, a supersticious culture is manipulated by the Master, in a plan that brings a new companion to the Doctor, and endangers Turlough's status on the TARDIS.
KTEH/KCAH 54,25 San Jose/Watsonville, CA
DirecTV 54,903 Dish 8234,54
Pre-empted by special programming. The Green Death concludes September 22.
Sun 9:30AM, 9:30PM, Mon 4:30AM "" 1 episode
Another adventure for the errant Time Lord.

Thanks for reading. See you next week for This Week In She Spies.

Just kidding.

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