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Wednesday 17th July 2002

This Week In Doctor Who - July 17, 2002
(posted 17th Jul 2002, 1:40pm - TWIDW post #0107)
by Benjamin F. Elliott
Vol 5, No 29
Welcome to the weekly guide to Doctor Who on Television. Just the schedules this week.
Additions and corrections are welcome at , bfelliott@... , bfelliott3 on AOL IM, or thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. And now, the listings:


Fri 7PM EDT (6PM CDT) Interstellar Transmissions
WWNN AM1470 Pompano Beach/Boca Raton, FL (Miami/West Palm Beach, FL)
WBYU AM1450 New Orleans, LA
Joey Reynolds' weekly radio show for sci-fi news and interviews, broadcast live over the internet on all 3 websites listed above. This week - Dr. Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes, celebrating 33 years since Man landed on the Moon.


UK Gold
Sat 6:15-9AM BST The Invasion of Time movie
Sun 7:10-9AM BST The Ribos Operation movie
Video On Demand. Now playing:
Robot all 4 pts
The Ark In Space all 4 pts
The Sontaran Experiment both pts
BBC Prime
Wed Noon CET, Late Fri 12:30AM, Sat 4PM CET Ghost Light pt 1 of 3
Thu Noon CET, Sat 4:25PM, Late Sun 12:30AM CET Ghost Light pt 2 of 3
Wed Noon CET Ghost Light pt 3 of 3
TELE 5 Poland
Sat-Sun 9:30AM CET Planet of Evil pts 3 - 4 of 4
Airing in Polish, and in production order.
BBC Kids
Weeknights 7:30PM, 10:30PM, 2AM, 4AM EDT (4:30PM, 7:30PM, 11PM, 1AM PDT)
*Weeknight episodes are NEW to BBC Kids. Weekends are reruns.*
Saturdays 3:30PM, 10:30PM EDT (12:30PM, 7:30PM PDT) - complete stories
Sundays 3:30PM, 10:30PM EDT (12:30PM, 7:30PM PDT) - complete stories
Wed-Fri The Androids of Tara pts 1 - 3 of 4
Sat The Sun Makers all 4 pts
Sun Underworld all 4 pts
Mon The Androids of Tara pt 4 of 4
Tue The Power of Kroll pt 1 of 4
NHPTV New Hampshire 11,49,52
Late Thu & Late Sat Mid EDT Resurrection of the Daleks 4 pt version, pts 1+2
WCNY/W59AU 24,59 Syracuse/Utica, NY
Sun 5:30PM EDT Genesis of the Daleks pt 3 of 6
WQED/WQEX 13,16 Pittsburgh, PA
DirecTV 13,947 Dish 8136,13
Late Sat Mid EDT Time-Flight pt 4 of 4
WYBE 35 Philadelphia, PA
DirecTV 35,909 Dish 8162,35
Sat 11PM EDT The Robots of Death pts 3+4 of 4
MPT Maryland 22,28,31,36,62,67
DirecTV 22,980
Late Sat Mid EDT The Talons of Weng-Chiang movie
WCET 48 Cincinnati, OH
DirecTV 48,909 Dish 8356,48
Sat 11PM EDT Time-Flight pts 3+4 of 4
WYIN 56 Gary, IN (Chicago, IL)
Sat 11PM CDT The King's Demons both pts
ยป the episodes were also listed last week, so seem likely to have pre-empted that week.
WILL 12 Urbana, IL
Sat 11:15PM CDT The Sun Makers pt 4 of 4
KAWE/KAWB 9,22 Bemidji/Brainerd, MN
Sat 8PM, Sun 11PM CDT Planet of Evil pt 1 of 4
TPT 2 St. Paul, MN
digital 16.5 (2.5) DirecTV 2,891 Dish 8576,2
Sat 11:30PM, Sun 5:30AM CDT Warriors' Gate pt 3 of 4
IPTV Iowa 11,12,21,24,27,32,32,36
digital 50
Sat 11:35PM CDT The Trial Of A Time Lord pts 5+6 of 14 (Mindwarp pts 1+2)
KERA/K44FI 13,44 Dallas/Wichita Falls, TX
digital 14.1 DirecTV 13,889 Dish 8406,13
Late Fri 12:15AM CDT The Masque of Mandragora movie
KBDI/K32EO 12,32 Denver/Colorado Springs, CO
DirecTV 12,910 Dish 8211,12
Late Fri 12:30AM MDT The Caves of Androzani all 4 pts
Sat 11PM MDT The Twin Dilemma pts 1+2 of 4
KUED/KUES 7,39 Salt Lake City/Richfield, UT
digital 42 DirecTV 7,982 Dish 8536,7
Sat 11PM, Late Sat 12:30AM MDT The Armageddon Factor pt 5 of 6
KBTC/KCKA/K65BU 28,15,65 Tacoma/Centralia/Grays River, WA
DirecTV 12,910 Dish 8620,28
Sat 7PM, Late Sat 12:30AM PDT The Five Doctors 4 pt version, pts 3+4
KTEH/KCAH 54,25 San Jose/Watsonville, CA
DirecTV 54,903 Dish 8234,54
Sun 11PM PDT Planet of the Daleks eps 1+2 of 6
Sun 9:30AM, 9:30PM, Mon 4:30AM "" 1 episode
Another adventure for the errant Time Lord.

Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.

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