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Friday 7th June 2002

Update! Re: [novadwvs] Doctor Who On Polish TV
(posted 7th Jun 2002, 9:37pm - TWIDW post #0101)
Just got some more info on the Polish Doctor Who broadcasts. Thanks to Michael for the news.
Doctor Who is now on the air in Poland.

Polish digital TV channel TELE 5 (not the German TELE 5, the Polish TELE 5) recently started airing Doctor Who weekend mornings at 9:30AM Central European Time. This Saturday, 8 June, episode 3 of Genesis of the Daleks will air - dubbed in Polish.

Saturdays and Sundays at 9:30AM. Titled Doktor Who. So, Genesis Of The Daleks 3 should air Saturday and Genesis Of The Daleks 4 should air Sunday.

While the channel is digital, it is not encrypted. I can't tell from the info I got if you can pick it up over the air with an antenna, but you can get it for free on satellite. Here is the satellite info:

ASTRA-satellite (orbital position: 19,2° East)
10.832Ghz, horizontal, 27500Bytes is the correct website for the channel, as opposed to the site mentioned before. The website is pretty useless, and only gives the airing times.

Also, if anyone out there knows a good translator which converts Polish language websites to English, drop me an e-mail. The best known translator (Babelfish) does not currently have a Polish translating setup.

If you spot Doctor Who on the air somewhere, and I haven't mentioned it in TWIDW, please let me know. Let's keep the column up to date for the whole world.

Benjamin F. Elliott