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Friday 7th June 2002

Doctor Who On Polish TV
(posted 7th Jun 2002, 9:25pm - TWIDW post #0100)
Doctor Who is now on the air in Poland.
Polish digital TV channel TELE 5 (not the German TELE 5, the Polish TELE 5) recently started airing Doctor Who weekend mornings at 9:30AM Central European Time. This Saturday, 8 June, episode 3 of Genesis of the Daleks will air - dubbed in Polish.

While the channel is digital, it is not encrypted. I can't tell from the info I got if you can pick it up over the air with an antenna, but you can get it for free on satellite. Here is the satellite info:

ASTRA-satellite (orbital position: 19,2° East)
10.832Ghz, horizontal, 27500Bytes appears to be the website for this channel, though I'm still investigating and I don't know a word of Polish. Will announce in next week's TWIDW if there is a better site. Also, if anyone out there knows a good translator which converts Polish language websites to English, drop me an e-mail. The best known translator (Babelfish) does not currently have a Polish translating setup.
If you spot Doctor Who on the air somewhere, and I haven't mentioned it in TWIDW, please let me know. Let's keep the column up to date for the whole world.

Benjamin F. Elliott