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Saturday 30th March 2002

Fw: Please Read: Yahoo Groups USer Marketing Profiles Changed
(posted 30th Mar 2002, 11:52am - TWIDW post #0084)
Apologies for the completely off-topic post, but it seems Yahoo Groups did something very short sighted.

When they were offline a weekend or two back, they changed everyone's default settings regarding Yahoo notices and ads (as most people would consider them - "spam"). In addition to signing every single person with a yahoo profile up for spam, they signed us up to send junk to us by US Mail and *BY TELEPHONE*!!! I have included a message from Lee Whiteside of the venerable SFTV mailing list telling how to change your settings back to before and protect you from the spam. Obviously, if there was any yahoo fluff you *wanted* to receive, read carefully to make certain you switch the right options.

So, now I know why my group is losing members. Yahoo's changes are angering people. Grr.

Benjamin F. Elliott - will be getting more active soon
----- Original Message -----
From: "leewsftv"
Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2002 1:51 AM
Subject: Please Read: Yahoo Groups USer Marketing Profiles Changed

> Please Read: Yahoo Groups USer Marketing Profiles Changed
> It seems that their upgrade of Yahoo Groups has reset every user's Marketing Preferences to YES, including Phone and mail contact.
> Here's how to disable them:
> <>
> Log in.
> Hit My Groups
> Hit Account Info
> Hit Edit your Marketing Preferences
> Change 'em all back to NO, especially the last two.
> Hit Save Changes.
> Lee