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Tuesday 26th February 2002

WYBE Philadelphia Alert - Change In Schedule Effective This Weekend!
(posted 26th Feb 2002, 3:01am - TWIDW post #0077)
TWIDW Alert.
Sad news in Philadelphia. At least if you liked having 3 chances to see WYBE 35's Doctor Who broadcasts each week. Now you have to catch the episodes the first time.

Don't blame WYBE. They like airing 2 episodes of Doctor Who a week, and they liked airing each episode 3 times, to get viewers at different times of the day. Unfortunately, WYBE just learned that their current contract only lets them air the episodes they are airing once. Therefore, they have to drop the reruns - at once. They've got a notice up at WYBE's website - .

Saturdays at 11PM was the primary time slot for the show, so that's where Doctor Who will remain. The 4AM + 5:30PM Saturday reruns are discontinued.

So, 2 episodes a week, Saturdays at 11PM, beginning March 2. Tell your friends, so they don't miss episodes by waiting for the reruns.
Benjamin F. Elliott