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Saturday 2nd February 2002

Dallas + Chicago Alert Re: This Week In Doctor Who - February 1, 2002
(TWIDW post #0071)
Several TWIDW updates:
Dallas, TX:
KERA/K24AD 13,24 Dallas, TX will not be airing The Three Doctors as originally expected tonight. I forgot that KERA has decided for some reason to air the 3rd Doctor stories in production order, which is different from the broadcast order.

Production Order Broadcast Order
1) Carnival Of Monsters 1) The Three Doctors
2) Frontier In Space 2) Carnival Of Monsters
3) The Three Doctors 3) Frontier In Space

Therefore, KERA will actually be airing Carnival Of Monsters all 4 episodes tonight, at the same 12:15AM time that I originally noted for Three Doctors.
Chicago, IL: The entry for WYIN 56 Gary, IN might also be wrong. I was right that the January 19 broadcast of Four To Doomsday episodes 1+2 was pre-empted by sports. However, on January 26, they actually aired episodes 3+4 of Four To Doomsday as originally scheduled, instead of airing episodes 1+2, as one would have expected under the circumstances. Right now, WYIN's website indicates that episodes 3+4 of Four To Doomsday will be re-airing tomorrow (February 2nd), in spite of episodes 1+2 not have aired at all yet.

So, we could be seeing:
1) Four To Doomsday episodes 1+2 (the skipped episodes), or
2) Four To Doomsday episodes 3+4 (the currently advertised episodes), or
3) Kinda episodes 1+2 (what WYIN would be airing if they hadn't skipped Four To Doomsday 1+2 two weeks back)

All we can now be sure of is - Saturday Night at 11PM - 2 episodes.

ยป the following week indicated that nothing was shown in the end as the channel was off-air.
That's all for now.

Benjamin F. Elliott