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Monday 10th December 2001

Canadian Alert - Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD on SPACE TONIGHT!!!
(posted 10th Dec 2001, 10:50pm - TWIDW post #0059)
This is a special report from This Week In Doctor Who.
Just got word that SPACE is repeating the Peter Cushing movie Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. tonight (December 10, 2001) at Midnight Eastern Time. This is apparently a complete version (but not letterbox), with the opening segment *after* the opening credits just like the DVD release (aka - the opening segment is in the wrong place). SPACE has aired this film several times before. It is a remake of the William Hartnell story The Dalek Invasion of Earth. Thanks to Tom Robinson for catching this.

So, here's when to tune in:

Eastern Standard Time - Midnight to 2AM
Central Standard Time - 11PM to 1AM
Mountain Standard Time - 10PM to Midnight
Pacific Standard Time - 9PM to 11PM
Atlantic Standard Time - 1AM to 3AM
Newfoundland Time - 1:30AM to 3:30AM

BBC Kids fans do not have to worry about missing Doctor Who on their channel - this broadcast does not conflict with any of the 4 times BBC Kids airs Doctor Who.
This has been a special alert from This Week In Doctor Who.

I am currently preparing another special report, which should come out in the next day or two. A federal appeals court ruling in Richmond, VA last week could result in some Americans who have been Doctor Who-less being able to see Doctor Who on satellite TV beginning in January. (No, that's not why the court made their ruling - this is just a side effect.) Satellite providers who have been offering certain local stations to subscribers must now offer all local stations in those markets, due to Must Carry rules. This report will deal with how that may affect satellite subscribers, who could suddenly get Doctor Who, and why. It will also result in a few changes in the layout of the TWIDW column. Stay tuned for that.
Benjamin F. Elliott