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Saturday 24th November 2001

TWIDW Alert 11/24/01 - Something's Afoot In Australia!
(posted 24th Nov 2001, 2:41pm - TWIDW post #0055)
Breaking News in Australia!

Courtesy of , edited by Jason Fraser:

A check of the advance listings for December 2001 on the Foxtel website ( reveals some startling information: It seems that the 11:30pm AEDT weeknight screenings of Doctor Who will end on Friday, December 14 with Revelation of the Daleks Part Two. The listings indicate that in the 11:30pm timeslot on the following Monday (the 17th) is The Grimleys.

The weekend omnibus screenings seem to be continuing as normal.

It will be very interesting to find out what has caused this change, especially when the end of the run (on weeknights) is so close. Is it just a break for Christmas, with Doctor Who returning in the new year? is it a more permanent "end"? is Doctor Who changing time slots? Is it just a rest so the weekend screenings can catch up? Will Attack of the Cybermen get a repeat screening (it still isn't listed on the schedule)? Only time will tell...

This looks like a developing situation. Keep an eye on the Varos Doctor Who site for the latest updates.
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Benjamin F. Elliott