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Tuesday 28th August 2001

Doctor Who Back In Canada And Latin America
(posted 28th Aug 2001, 11:55pm - TWIDW post #0035)
Outpost Gallifrey got some great news today. Seems I will have a little more work to do in searching schedules in a few months. From that website:
"Doctor Who Returns to Canada: The new BBC children's channel BBC Kids, launching in early November 2001, has confirmed that they have acquired Doctor Who. There is no word as to which series they will be running, but the series is being run nationally again in Canada. Great news!
"Doctor Who in Latin America: Imagen Satelital, a Latin American broadcaster, has licensed the rights to the 13th season of Doctor Who (Tom Baker's 2nd season), for Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. It could appear on the following channels after 10/1/01: Uniseries, Space, I. Sat, Infinito, Jupiter Comic. Good news for Latin American fans."
Time to brush up on my Spanish, I guess.

Benjamin F. Elliott

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