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Monday 13th August 2001

TWIDW Chat Schedule Change
(posted 13th Aug 2001, 2:35am - TWIDW post #0030)

Due to a sudden change in my schedule, I have had to revise the chat plans for this week mentioned in the August 10 edition of This Week In Doctor Who.

The Tuesday 9:45PM Eastern Daylight Time* chat at will still go on, but without me. In theory the chat would be an hour long, but in practice it runs till people decide to get some sleep. I do not expect to be available to be online at that hour. I do not know yet if anyone will offer to run the chat, but it will still be around for people who'd like to talk about Doctor Who, particularly Doctor Who on TV, the radio, or the net. If I can show up before the end of that chat I will.

I will now host a second chat "Thursday" at 9:45PM Eastern Daylight Time*. It will also be roughly an hour long.

Chats after this week will be scheduled based on how this week's chats go.

The idea with the chat room is so that members of the group who want to talk about Doctor Who on TV and the tangents that fly off from there can get together live. It's open all the time, but mentioning specific meeting times helps people get together. If anyone wants to host a general chat or have a specific area you want to lead a group on, tell me what time you want a few days in advance and I will advertise it. If I can make it to your chat, I will.

Since this is a Yahoo! Group with the Yahoo! chat feature, it will only let in subscribers to this list, and then it only lets you in if you have a yahoo id. I wish I could open it further, though looking at the subscriber list I can at least be fairly certain no one will misbehave in the chat. If someone does, report it to me at . Swearing, defamation of character, and/or other signifcantly offensive behavior could result in one's subscription options being *altered* to keep one out of the chatroom, so play nice with each other.
Benjamin F. Elliott
*9:45PM Eastern Daylight Time = 6:45PM Pacific Daylight Time, 1:45AM Grenwich Mean Time (universal time), 2:45AM British Time, and 11:45AM Eastern Australian Standard Time. Adjust for local time zone.