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Friday 18th May 2001

Update!!! KERA Dallas News!!
(posted 18th May 2001, 4:58pm - TWIDW post #0014)
KERA 13 in Dallas, Texas is finally going to begin its weekly Doctor Who broadcasts.

The show will air Late Friday Nights at Midnight, beginning June 1st. 2 episodes a week.

The confirmed schedule so far:

KERA announced back in December that it would pick up Doctor Who. The plan is to air the Jon Pertwee stories, at 2 episodes a week. If the show performs well enough, they may pick up the Tom Baker episodes in 2002. Spearhead From Space and Doctor Who And The Silurians aired as pledge specials in December 2000, while the Doctor Who Night (including Remembrance of the Daleks) aired in March 2001.
With the addition of KERA, there will be 16 public broadcasters in the US airing Doctor Who each week. Doctor Who has also been airing in the US on BBC America, which is discontinuing the show in July.
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Benjamin F. Elliott