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Monday 11th December 2000

WYIN Correction!!!
Re: This Week In Doctor Who - December 8, 2000
(posted 11th Dec 2000)
Stop the presses! It appears that WYIN 56 in Gary, IN bungled their TV listings one more time. Someone who was actually watching WYIN has kindly alerted me to what actually happened.
  1. A Doctor Who marathon did air on December 2nd.

  2. It was a WYIN cobbled together presentation of The Pirate Planet, not National Doctor Who Night as implied by their online listings as of publication time of This Week.

The plus side is that Chicago area fans have not (yet) missed seeing the National Doctor Who Night special. The minus side is that there is no way to tell when it will air. Their schedule appears to change frequently, and no listings have been consistently accurate regarding *any* WYIN programs.

WYIN added Doctor Who in March 1999, and is the first PBS station in the Chicago area to air Doctor Who since WTTW 11 dropped the show in 1990 (with a brief summer test in 1997). Its first pledge drives were highly successful, though no word has been heard on how successful it has been in more recent drives.

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