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Friday 12th November 1999

by Benjamin F. Elliott
The Doctor's back on the BBC with specials and reruns! For as long as the ratings will sustain him ...

This is the big week in the Doctor's home country. Doctor Who Night airs Saturday and the weekly reruns begin on Tuesday, both on BBC2. Hopefully, interest for the series will be high enough for the BBC to see the wisdom of making new episodes. But that's up to the viewers to decide by watching or not. No finalized deals to air the Who night documentaries and comedies outside of the UK have been announced yet, though I would hope that the BBC would air them on BBC Prime at the very least, and possibly offer them to other overseas broadcasters as well. The column will be keeping an eye out for any broadcasts that may happen to occur.

The Tuesday reruns have the unfortunate problem of following sports events many weeks, and some of these events like to run over, pre-empting whatever show would air next, even if it's Who. The column will list whenever possible the sports events that precede the Doctor each Tuesday. To the best of the column's ability, it will also try to list the ratings that the BBC2 broadcasts receive, in case anyone wants to keep track.
UK Gold mixed up the Doctor Who tapes last week. Instead of the scheduled Castrovalva and Four To Doomsday, they aired Four To Doomsday followed by Kinda. Allegedly, Castrovalva will now air Sunday, at least on the main UK Gold.
The Top 10 Doctor Who Stories In Australia:
10 - The Robots of Death
9 - City of Death
8 - Planet of the Spiders
7 - Earthshock
6 - The Talons of Weng-Chiang
5 - Remembrance of the Daleks
4 - Pyramids of Mars
3 - The Tomb of the Cybermen
2 - ???
Additions and corrections are welcome at . And now, the listings:

BBC2 (all regions)
Saturday's Doctor Who Night!
~8:55PM GMT Tom Baker
Tom Baker is back, sans scarf, to host the night.
~9PM GMT Adventures In Time And Space
The history of Doctor Who, as told by his companions.
~9:40PM GMT The Pitch of Fear
In 1963, a producer gets an idea for a new television series. This is his story.
~9:45PM GMT How To Live Forever
We all have to learn sometime, and now we get to find out.
~9:50PM GMT Carnival of Monsters
(To the tune of Xena.) In a time of ancient documentaries and announcers, a new TV series in trouble cried out for some villains. They were the Monsters. Mighty beings of evil, forged in the heat of the BBC costume department. Their villainy would save the series.
~10:20PM GMT The Web of Caves
The Doctor travels through time, battling the evil monsters and giving words of encouragement to the monsters who have a touch of trouble making the Michael Grade.
~10:25PM GMT How to Build a TARDIS
Because he had some trouble with designing a Chameleon Circuit, the Doctor will not be presenting this documentary. Romana was unavailable, so some well-known scientist of something will host the show.
~10:30PM GMT The Dead Planet - The Rescue ep 7 of 7
Previous BBC broadcast - 1 February 1964. The 1st Doctor, Ian, Barbara, Susan, and the Thals lead an assault on the Dalek city to regain the fluid links and stop the Daleks from dropping a second Neutron Bomb.
~10:55PM GMT The Kidnappers
Comedy skit with no description, produced by Mark Gatiss.
11:03:03PM-12:30AM GMT DOCTOR WHO 1996 McGann movie - uncut!
The night ends with the first ever complete broadcast of the Doctor Who TV movie on British television (all previous broadcasts were cut to get a '12' certificate). The Master's dying request is for the 7th Doctor to return his remains to Gallifrey. It is a request that should never have been granted.
Rerun Relaunch!
Tue 6PM GMT Spearhead From Space eps 1+2 of 4
UNIT's investigation of unusual meteorite showers is interrupted when a Police Public Telephone Box appears in the middle of a field. A person emerges from the box with completely inhuman physiology. The man claims to know the Brigadier. The first ever colour episodes, newly cleaned up for this broadcast.

Leading into the Tuesday broadcast is coverage of Indoor Bowls. It's the First Round of the BUPA Care Home Open. It is scheduled to air live from 3:30PM-6PM. Snooker blankets BBC2 next week.
UK Gold
Late Fri 12:45-2:20AM GMT The War Machines movie
The final surviving 1st Doctor story, and the first story that fully took place in the same year that the story was broadcast in. The Doctor and Dodo investigate a super computer recently installed in the Post Office Tower. It seems that the computer wants to hook up with all the other computers on Earth, sort of a world wide web. Of course, such a thing could never happen in real life.
Sun 9:20-11:15AM GMT Castrovalva movie
UK Gold makes a second attempt at airing the 5th Doctor's first story.

UK Gold Classic
Sun 6-7:55PM GMT Warriors' Gate? movie
The only consistency I have seen in the various versions of the UK Gold November schedules that have appeared over the last month is that they all think that this story is airing in this slot.
Fri 6:31PM GMT Doctor Who And The Silurians ep 4? of 7 (actually Ambassadors 2+3)
Next Fri 6:31PM GMT Doctor Who And The Silurians ep 5? of 7
The 3rd Doctor and the Silurians in the Black & White version of this story.
BBC Prime
Late Fri 1AM CET (Not Africa) Destiny of the Daleks ep 4 of 4
The Movellans and the Daleks prepare for a final showdown over Davros, and the Doctor cannot let either side have that infamous creature.
Sat 5PM, Mon 11:35AM CET/CAT City of Death ep 1 of 4

The 4th Doctor and Romana visit Paris for a vacation. For once, it looks like they will get to enjoy themselves. The Sunday broadcast will not air to make room for an Armistice Day special (I know that Armistice day was the 11th - it's probably an encore of some kind.)
Sat 1PM, Sun 2+8AM AEDT The Tomb of the Cybermen (#3 story) all 4 eps
Mon-Fri 11:30PM AEDT '' (#2 story) eps 2 - 6 of 6
(confirmed as Genesis of the Daleks)
The 3rd most popular Doctor Who story is the famous 'lost' Cybermen story, recovered from Hong Kong in late 1991. With Patrick Troughton as the 2nd Doctor. Episode 1 of the 2nd most popular story should air just after the column goes out, too late to get its name in. 2 weeks until the Doctor goes on a 2 month vacation from Australian television. He mentioned something about visiting San Francisco for the New Years' celebrations.
SPACE: The Imagination Station
Sat-Sun 7:30AM EST The Edge of Destruction eps 1 - 2 of 2 (The Edge Of Destruction, The Brink Of Disaster)
The TARDIS crew suffers amnesia after an explosion onboard the ship.
Mon-Fri 7:30AM EST The Keys of Marinus eps 1 - 5 of 6 (The Sea Of Death, The Velvet Web, The Screaming Jungle, The Snows Of Terror, Sentence Of Death)
The Doctor and company are blackmailed into searching for the keys that will re-activate a machine that keeps order on Marinus. The Doctor does not appear in episodes 3 and 4 of this story.
BBC America
Sat 7AM+5PM EST, Sun 8AM EST The Masque of Mandragora movie, pt 1 of 2
The TARDIS is invaded by a ball of hate which plans to conquer Earth in the 15th Century. On the plus side, the Doctor gets to ride a horse.
NHPTV New Hampshire 11, 49, 52
Sun 3PM EST The Time Warrior eps 2+3 of 4
Sarah has a hard time coping with the idea that she has traveled in time. The Doctor is mistaken for a warlock.
WQED/WQEX 13, 16 Pittsburgh, PA
Sat 11:30PM EST The Hand Of Fear ep 4 of 4
The 4th Doctor, Sarah, and Eldrad learn about the final moments of the Kastrian civilization. Next episode airs November 27th.
WYBE 35 Philadelphia, PA
Sat 11PM EST The Invisible Enemy eps 1+2 of 4
A space virus takes over the Doctor, hoping to use him as its instrument to conquer the galaxy. Now the future of humanity is up to Leela and any allies she can drum up.
MPT Maryland 22, 28, 31, 36, 62, 67
Late Sat 12:30AM EST The Masque of Mandragora movie
A slightly different movie version of the same story airing on BBC America, this one without commercials and with the second half of the story.
WUSF 16 Tampa, FL
Sat 11:30PM EST Planet of Fire ep 2 of 4
Kamelion's emotions are in turmoil as he finds himself channeling both the Master and Peri's disreputable step-father. The Doctor and Turlough come across a civilization that Turlough finds somewhat familiar.
WCET 48 Cincinnati, OH
Sat 11:30PM EST Carnival Of Monsters ep 4 of 4
The Drashigs want out of the Scope, while the Doctor wants in.
Late Sat Mid EST The Green Death ep 1 of 6
Skipping over 2 stories, WCET moves to the final Jo Grant story. Miners are dying from a mysterious illness that turns them green. Protestors are protesting in the traditional manner. The Doctor wants to visit Metebelis 3. WCET is now at the point in the series where they were several months ago before they decided to rerun stories for no apparent reason.
WYIN 56 Gary, IN (Chicago, IL)
Sat 10PM CST The Android Invasion ep 2 of 4
When UNIT turns against the Doctor, he begins to wonder if this actually is Earth, or somewhere else.
KTCA 2 St. Paul, MN
Sat 11:45PM CST Pyramids of Mars ep 2 of 4
The agents of Sutekh in 1911 have set up shop in the priory on which UNIT HQ will eventually be built. Is nothing sacred?
IPTV Iowa 11, 12, 21, 24, 27, 32, 32, 36
Fri 11:05PM CST The Time Warrior ep 4 of 4
Lynx betrays Irongron, just as the Doctor wages his own offensive against Lynx. Sarah brews an unpleasant stew.
Fri 11:31PM CST Invasion ep 1 of 6 (Invasion Of The Dinosaurs)
First ever IPTV broadcast. Black & White episode. All previous broadcasts on IPTV have begun with what was actually episode 2. The Doctor and Sarah return to London and find the city deserted. Something forced millions of people to evacuate. Anyone left is assumed to be a scavenger, and the military have orders to shoot on sight ...
PPTV North Dakota 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 13, 19
Fri 10:30PM CST (9:30PM MST) The Hand Of Fear ep 3 of 4
The Doctor offers Eldrad a deal if she will leave Earth alone.
KBDI/K32EO 12, 32 Denver/Colorado Springs, CO zip 80205
Late Fri 12:30AM MST The Android Invasion eps 1+2 of 4
Sat 10PM MST The Android Invasion eps 3+4 of 4

When is Earth not Earth? When are Benton and Harry Sullivan not Benton and Harry Sullivan? And what does someone named Guy Crawford have to do with all of this?
KNME 5 Albuquerque, NM
Sat 10:30PM MST The Armageddon Factor movie
(Note: KNME is indicating that they are flipping back to Robot next week. Dunno why.) The 4th Doctor and Romana find themselves in the middle of a war of attrition between Atrios and Zeos. It seems that the Doctor isn't the only person searching for the segments to the Key To Time.
KRWG 22 Las Cruces, NM (El Paso, TX)
Sat 10:30PM MST The Invasion of Time movie
The 4th Doctor returns to Gallifrey and assumes the role of President of the Time Lords.
KSPS 7 Spokane, WA zip 99223
Sat 10:30PM PST (11:30PM MST) Attack of the Cybermen movie
The 6th Doctor fixes the TARDIS. For some reason, a band of Cybermen out to manipulate the history of Earth in the 1980s are not impressed. Commander Lytton from Ressurection Of The Daleks makes a return visit.
KBTC/KCKA 28, 15 Tacoma/Centralia, WA
Sat 7PM PST The Time Monster eps 5+6 of 6
(No late night rerun this week.) The 3rd Doctor and Jo travel to ancient Atlantis to try to stop the Master from taking the Crystal which could bring Kronos back into the world.
KTEH 54 San Jose, CA
Sun 11PM PST Meglos all 4 eps (Restored!)
The movie and edited episodic versions have been combined to recreate the full length episodic version. A cactus traps and impersonates the Doctor in order to pull off a daring robbery. K9 needs help wagging his tail.

That's it for this week. Until next week, take care.