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Tuesday 14th July 1998

This Week in Doctor Who (preview 2) - May 14th 1998
I've done some searching (and gotten a couple of e-mails), and can report a few corrections and additions to the test edition of This Week In Doctor Who. Get your pencils ready, cross out the incorrect sections of the original message, and write the new information in the margins.
Marcus Durham reports that UK Gold can also be received by Satellite. That most people who see it watch it on Satellite. That Satellite has a better picture, and the Cable people are just passing on stuff that they already got from the satellite. That folks in Scotland, Wales, Ulster, Northern Ireland, Mars, Pluto, and anyplace else I missed in the UK that's close to England can see UK Gold as well. And that some naughty folks in Europe are enjoying it with illegal devices. Correction noted.
KTEH and NHPTV have their websites running again, and I now know what they're airing.
KTEH 54 in San Jose California is indeed running a mini-marathon Sunday night at 11PM featuring all 4 episodes of Terminus. One of the Doctor's companions will contract a deadly disease and leave the show forever!
NHPTV has switched to episode format and will show the first two episodes of The Dominators Friday night beginning at 10PM. The Doctor and Jamie face off against a bar owner that waters down his drinks, cons his customers, and ... sorry, wrong series!
IPTV Iowa viewers - the episodes of The Seeds of Death showing this week are parts 2 and 3. That begins at 11:35PM Friday. Thanks to the reader who pointed this out.
And to clarify my BBC America listing. Most Sundays (I haven't found out about this Sunday yet) they have aired Doctor Who at 11:15PM Eastern Time and 4:15AM Eastern Time. There is some confusion about whether or not there is a West Coast feed, so be warned. They have so far aired Robot repeatedly with an occasional broadcast of The Ark In Space. They promise additional episodes in the Fall.
Till the next edition,
Benjamin F. Elliott