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Channel Lists

This is a list of the channels known to be or have broadcasted Doctor Who or associated programming. Currently active channels are shown by default, you can select inactive or ones that have closed below.

ASIA PACIFICBBC First BBC Entertainment (Asia) - checked until 28th February.
ARGENTINARetro (channel closed) <no active channels at present>
AUSTRALIAABC - checked until 4th April. Nine - checked until 2nd April. SyFy (Australia) - checked until 24th April. BBC Knowledge - checked until 25th April. Australian Cinema - checked until 16th April. ABC ME - checked until 15th April. BBC UKTV - checked until 25th March. ABC 2 - checked until 4th January. Channel 11 - checked until 23rd March. Ten - checked until 19th August. GEM - checked until 13th April. Nickelodeon (no scheduling active ) Imparja (no scheduling active ) Sf (Australia) (channel closed) Ten HD (channel closed) BBC HD (channel closed) Encore/Showtime Greats (channel closed)
BELGIUMéén (no scheduling active ) <no active channels at present>
BRAZILSyFy (Brazil) - checked until 6th April. TV Cultura - checked until 19th August. BBC HD (Brazil) (channel closed)
BENELUX EUROPEBBC First - checked until 24th December. SyFy (channel closed)
CANADASPACE - checked until 31st March. Canadian Cinema BBC Kids - checked until 30th September. Z - checked until 13th February. CITV (no scheduling active ) CHCH (no scheduling active ) CBC (no scheduling active ) YTV (no scheduling active ) AXS TV (HD Net) (no scheduling active )
GERMANYFOX Channel (Germany) - checked until 5th April. One ARD - checked until 5th April. German Cinema SyFy (Germany) - checked until 3rd October. RTL II (no scheduling active ) ProSieben (no scheduling active ) RTL Television (no scheduling active ) VOX (no scheduling active )
DENMARKDR 3 - checked until 2nd April. Danish Cinema DR 1 (no scheduling active )
SPAINSyfy (Spain) - checked until 30th October. Antena 3 (Spain) - checked until 5th July. Canal 3XL AXN (Spain) - checked until 31st August. TV3: 33 - checked until 20th February. TV3 - checked until 18th January. Boing (Spain) (no scheduling active ) Televisión de Galicia (no scheduling active ) Animax (Spain) (channel closed) People + Arts (channel closed)
EUROPEBBC Entertainment (Europe) - checked until 3rd April. AXN SciFi (Europe) (no scheduling active )
FINLANDYLE TV2 - checked until 1st January. MTV3 Scifi (channel closed)
FRANCEFrance 4 - checked until 25th March. Syfy (France) - checked until 20th March. NRJ12 (no scheduling active ) Ciné FX (no scheduling active ) Jimmy (France) (channel closed)
UNITED KINGDOMBBC One - checked until 31st January. Watch - checked until 1st April. BBC2 - checked until 29th March. BBC Online BBC Three - checked until 9th December. Radio 4 - checked until 25th December. Radio 4 Extra - checked until 28th February. CBBC - checked until 31st March. Channel 5 - checked until 20th December. BBC Four - checked until 12th February. BBC Red Button - checked until 2nd January. Channel 4 - checked until 31st December. BBC Radio 3 - checked until 20th November. BBC Radio 2 - checked until 25th December. BBC Radio 1 Disney XD - checked until 19th April. BBC Local Radio ITV - checked until 30th January. BBC Radio Wales BBC 6 Music - checked until 16th August. BBC Radio 5 live - checked until 16th August. BBC Radio Scotland - checked until 16th August. BBC World Service Really - checked until 6th April. Horror Channel - checked until 10th June. Drama - checked until 23rd October. Sky 2 UK Cinema - checked until 5th November. UK Performances Big Finish Release Sony Movie Channel - checked until 30th September. SyFy (no scheduling active ) Challenge (no scheduling active ) BCB Radio (no scheduling active ) Classic FM (no scheduling active ) ART Europe (no scheduling active ) BBC HD (channel closed) BBC Choice (channel closed) BSB (channel closed) UKTV Gold (channel closed) Jeem TV (channel closed) Movie Mix UK (channel closed) Super Channel (NBC Europe) (channel closed)
GREECEΣÎÎΪ (no scheduling active ) <no active channels at present>
CROATIAAXN Adria - checked until 31st May. HRT2 (no scheduling active ) HRT2 (no scheduling active )
IRELANDTG 4 (no scheduling active ) TV3 (no scheduling active ) <no active channels at present>
ISRAELyes Action (no scheduling active ) <no active channels at present>
INDIAFX India - checked until 31st March. Star World Premiere - checked until 25th December. BBC Entertainment (India) (channel closed)
ITALYRAI4 - checked until 8th January. Italian Cinema Jimmy (channel closed)
JAPANAXN Mystery (Japan) - checked until 24th March. NHK BS2 (channel closed) NHK BS3 (channel closed)
LATIN/SOUTH AMERICASyFy (Latin America) - checked until 31st March. BBC Entertainment (Latin America) - checked until 31st October. HBO Latin America (no scheduling active ) CBeebies (no scheduling active ) HBO Plus (no scheduling active ) BBC HD (Latin America) (channel closed) People + Arts (channel closed)
MIDDLE EASTBBC First - checked until 6th April. Jeem TV - checked until 9th September. BBC Entertainment (Middle East) (channel closed)
NETHERLANDSNederland 1 (no scheduling active ) Nederland 2 (no scheduling active ) Nederland 3 (no scheduling active ) TROS (channel closed) AVRO (channel closed) <no active channels at present>
NORWAYBBC Brit - checked until 16th March. NRK2 (no scheduling active ) NRK3 (no scheduling active ) TV 2 Science Fiction (channel closed)
NEW ZEALANDPrime - checked until 17th March. BBC Knowledge - checked until 21st March. The Zone - checked until 30th April. New Zealand Cinema BBC UKTV - checked until 8th January. TV One - checked until 31st December. TV2 (no scheduling active ) Nickelodeon (channel closed)
NORDIC EUROPEBBC Brit (Nordic region) - checked until 16th March. BBC HD (Nordic region) (channel closed) BBC Entertainment (Nordic region) (channel closed)
POLANDBBC Polska (HD) - checked until 6th April. BBC Lifestyle - checked until 16th March. Tele 5 (no scheduling active ) AXN (Poland) (no scheduling active ) BBC Polska (Entertainment) (channel closed) AXN SciFi (Poland) (channel closed)
PORTUGALSyFy - checked until 29th April.
ROMANIABBC Entertainment (Romania) (channel closed) <no active channels at present>
RUSSIADisney (Russia) - checked until 18th March. Karusel - checked until 18th March. Really Scary TV - checked until 18th March. Russian Cinema - checked until 31st December. The Universal Channel (Russia) (no scheduling active ) STS (CTC) (no scheduling active ) SyFy Universal (channel closed)
SWEDENTV4 (no scheduling active ) SVT 2 (no scheduling active ) SVT B (no scheduling active ) SVT 24 (no scheduling active ) TV4 Science Fiction (channel closed) ZTV (channel closed) <no active channels at present>
SINGAPORERTS 5 (no scheduling active ) RTS 8 (no scheduling active ) <no active channels at present>
TURKEYTLC TV - checked until 26th March.
USABBC America - checked until 5th April. Iowa Public TV - checked until 22nd April. KBTC - checked until 7th April. WFWA - checked until 7th April. KPTS - checked until 30th April. KRWG - checked until 31st March. WMVS/MPTV (Milwaukee) HD 10.1/36.2 - checked until 30th April. Idaho Public Television - checked until 13th May. WXXI - checked until 7th April. KLRU - checked until 23rd March. West Virginia Public Broadcasting - checked until 21st April. WILL - checked until 21st April. KERA - checked until 21st April. Retro TV - checked until 8th April. EBRU - checked until 7th April. WETA-UK - checked until 7th April. WYCC - checked until 7th April. WSRE - checked until 8th April. PBS Create Miscellaneous PBS Channels Starz - checked until 30th September. WTTW Prime Chicago - checked until 18th January. WTTW 11 Chicago - checked until 30th April. Starz in Black - checked until 30th September. Starz Edge - checked until 30th September. Encore - checked until 30th September. Louisiana Public Broadcasting - checked until 10th June. KUED - checked until 30th June. Wisconsin Public Television - checked until 31st May. WPT - The Wisconsin Channel - checked until 31st January. WSIU (Carbondale, Illinois) - checked until 1st April. WGVU Michigan - checked until 30th November. WGVU Life Michigan - checked until 30th November. Mississippi Public Broadcasting - checked until 15th May. KCPT2 (Kansas City) - checked until 23rd August. KCPT (Kansas City) - checked until 23rd September. OETA - checked until 10th April. OETA DT2 - checked until 10th April. KLRU Q - checked until 14th November. KNCT - checked until 14th January. Sinovision (Mandarin) - checked until 31st May. UNC-TV - checked until 23rd August. Disney XD - checked until 31st December. Turner Classic Movies Interstellar Transmissions US Cinema - checked until 31st December. KMOS Missouri - checked until 23rd August. KUAC - checked until 17th July. UNC-EX - checked until 23rd August. CUNY TV - checked until 11th October. Alaska Public Television/KAKM - checked until 15th January. SyFy (no scheduling active ) FOX (no scheduling active ) WQED (no scheduling active ) MPT Maryland (no scheduling active ) WUFT (no scheduling active ) WUSF (no scheduling active ) WCET (no scheduling active ) NHPTV (no scheduling active ) WXEL (no scheduling active ) KQED Plus (no scheduling active ) Colorado Public Television (no scheduling active ) movieplex (no scheduling active ) KRCB (no scheduling active ) KSPS (no scheduling active ) Prairie Public Television (no scheduling active ) Maine Public Broadcasting (no scheduling active ) MiND (no scheduling active ) Lakeshore Public Television (no scheduling active ) TPT (no scheduling active ) New Mexico PBS (no scheduling active ) WHYY (no scheduling active ) WSKG (no scheduling active ) WCNY (no scheduling active ) Rocky Mountain PBS (no scheduling active ) Lakeland Public Television (no scheduling active ) AXS TV (HD Net) (no scheduling active ) WGVU DT-4 (no scheduling active ) KVCR (no scheduling active ) Ozarks Public Television (no scheduling active ) PBS SoCal (KOCE) (no scheduling active ) WLIW 21 (no scheduling active ) WQLN (no scheduling active ) WPBT2 (South Florida PBS) (no scheduling active ) Panhandle PBS (no scheduling active ) WLVT (no scheduling active ) Georgia Public Broadcasting (no scheduling active ) WUCF (no scheduling active ) KLCS (no scheduling active ) WTVP (no scheduling active ) Houston Public Media (no scheduling active ) KTWU (no scheduling active ) Valley PBS (no scheduling active ) South Dakota Public Broadcasting (no scheduling active ) NET Nebraska (no scheduling active ) Oregon Public Broadcasting (no scheduling active ) South Oregon Public Television (no scheduling active ) WJCT (no scheduling active ) WEDU (no scheduling active ) KQED Plus (no scheduling active ) Detroit Public TV (no scheduling active ) WGBH-TV (no scheduling active ) WNED-TV (no scheduling active ) WBTU Indianapolis (channel closed) UNC-MX (channel closed) Retro TV (RTVN) (channel closed) The Oregon Channel (channel closed)
SOUTH AFRICABBC First - checked until 25th March. BBC Brit (South Africa) - checked until 3rd April. BBC Lifestyle BBC Entertainment (South Africa) (channel closed) Sci Fi (channel closed)